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Striped Pillow Dog Bed

Here's the truth of it:

Princesses are already layabouts, right? Since the dawn of time, they've lain on silk while servants carried them about. Now, add to that the pug mentality - this breed loves to snuggle up, stretch out, curl into a ball, basically find any surface in your home that's marginally comfortable and settle in for a good long nap. What you end up with is a Princee Diva Pug who will not be happy until every single available surface in every single room she enters is covered, like wall-to-wall carpeting, in dog beds.

You think we're kidding, exaggerating somehow. We assure you we're not.

However, this means it's always a happy day in Pampered Puppy-land when we get a new dog bed to review; that's doubly true when the package is from Monty Dog, whose beds we've been fans of for quite some time.

The folks at Monty Dog sent along a new striped pillow dog bed. An adorable striped pattern that's neutral enough to suit most homes, the brocade is in contrasting shades of olive-taupe and a greenish cream with pale pink flowers threaded sporadically through the design, as well as an embroidered tiny black-and-white dog who makes a playful appearance from place to place in the fabric.

(We loved the stripes. Reminded us of our favorite dining room designs. Which is why we tested the bed in a dining room.)

The bed comes in three sizes. The smallest (shown, right) is 18" x 24" and suitable for dogs up to about 20 pounds. The sizing goes all the way up to 36" x 48" which is suitable for all but the largest of dogs - which means even owners of big pooches can enjoy the style and durability of these beds.

Like all Monty Dog beds, this bed is completely machine washable - the brocade cover zips off and is washable, as is the bed itself. The bed is filled with a very soft, very lofty material that acts much like down without the odor or loose-feathers problem of down. It may get a little flatter as your pet lays on it, but all the bed needs is a good shake to restore its loft - one of the reasons we love these beds so much, in fact. And obviously, a quick wash every so often restores the entire bed to its glory.

The pumpkin, as you can see, enjoys the beds very much. While she loves larger beds for lazing about, this smaller size is perfect for tighter spots where there just isn't space for a big bed, and the princess fits on it perfectly so long as she doesn't spread out with all fours (which, we'll admit, she does do from time to time). If you have a stretcher or a heavy sleeper, you'll probably want to go up a size (there's a lot more padding in the medium and large sizes, as well).

Four paws up - as always - for these fabulous beds! Well done, Monty Dog - well done.

You can find out more about Monty Dog from their web site at

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