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Product Reviews

Striped Coat and Dessert Dog Toys

Last month, we reviewed two of the latest triumphs from the folks at DogChewz: stylish faux fur dog coats.

They sent along a third coat as well, which we decided to review this month to give it the space it deserved. Because it's a fab coat in its own right, minus the fur. :)

Designer striped fabric (in pinks, as shown, or also available in greens) is backed by soft pink Polartec fleece. That makes this coat ideal for winter, and also for cooler spring and fall days. We loved the color scheme - so vibrant! Merry turned heads everywhere she went.

The style is a basic velcro dog coat design, with velcro at the chest and below the belly. However, like the fur coats, this coat features a good, solid double strip of velcro at the chest (making it thicker, more durable and also warmer than the standard single-strip style). It also gives the coat a nice square look at the front that is very tailored, particularly with this striped material. Even the straps are backed with the fleece, ensuring that this coat is as cozy as the designer can make it.

In addition to a natty collar (with handy button hole just beneath to allow for a harness, if desired), the coat also features a single Swarovski crystal button at the waist on both sides of the coat. It's little touches like this that make these coats just that little bit more than others we've seen.

While Merry did enjoy the coat, let's be honest - she enjoyed the rest of the package from the folks at DogChewz far, far more. :)

Not one, not two, but the entire line of fabulous plush squeaky toys accompanied the coat!

We've gone on record before singing the praises of all these companies who are out there innovating cool, amusing, adorable toy designs for our pets. Seems long overdue indeed! And DogChewz is jumping right into the fray with their delicious dessert set of toys:

  • Dawgwich ice cream sandwich

  • Hoggin-Dawgs ice cream cone

  • Hoggin-Dawgs ice cream bar

  • Happy Birthday fudge cake

These toys aren't just well made. They're hilariously, cleverly designed. And frankly they look yummy enough to eat! It will certainly make our summer easier when munching on our own ice cream treats, to know the princess is well taken care of with her own chewy fun!

Honestly, the designs for these toys are just brilliant. The ruffle of fabric around the ice cream cone? Ingenious! The cording around the edges of the fudge cake, to simular roped icing? So clever. We were oohing and aahing over these in the office for long minutes.

They also make a super conversation piece for guests. Just trust us. :)

In addition to the dessert line, DogChewz also included dog toys for the tiny prince or princess. A crown toy (comes in blue too) that declares "Royal Tiny-ness" and a tiny, tiny pink bone that screams "Itty Bitty Bitch" are just perfect for the teacup princess in your life. Cute design, though we will say we wish the edges of the "crown" toy stood up a little better on their own (there's no reinforcement there, just a double layer of material). As is, the tips of the crown tend to flop over.

Adorable coat, and an absolutely incredible lineup of new dog toys means that, once again, DogChewz has wormed their way into our hearts. Way to go!

You can find out more about DogChewz NYC from their web site at

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