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Product Reviews

Strappy One Piece Jumpers

This month's reviews are brought to you by Paddington and Corduroy. Paddington is a feisty Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie) who keeps her humans safe from any pending squirrel attacks by doing regular patrols of her yard and Corduroy is a laid back Malshi (Maltese/Shih Tzu) who is a fluffy ball of kisses and whose favorite activities include cuddles and napping...oh and eating. Both Paddington and Corduroy are thrilled to be reviewing products for the next two months and are very excited to bring you the latest and greatest pet products. They would both like to thank Merry for bestowing them with this honor.

I am always on the lookout for new and unique looks for me as well as for my dogs - what can I say, we like to turn heads! Being a canine fashionista is made easy by companies like Wooflink who sent us two eye-catching looks that will definitely have people intrigued. Wooflink's tag line is "Cool clothes are not only for people anymore" and they definitely take that to heart with all of their designs.

Both outfits feature medium weight 100% cotton pants that are held up by a chest panel and straps that go over the dog's back - no suspenders needed to make these babies stay up! Bonus! Each one has a different style, but are constructed in the same way. One thing that stands out the most about these puppy outfits are the quality - they are made better than most of my clothes are! The craftsmanship and attention to detail is impeccable. Everything is sewn beautifully and every detail is finished, and finished extremely well. I have never seen a garment, especially for dogs, made so well. Usually they are quickly slapped together, but you can really see that Wooflink takes the time and truly cares and thinks about each product. Their commitment to the best quality is quite evident in these garments.

The first outfit we got to try out is called the Sweetheart and has cream colored pants with lovely pink leggings and black edging accompanied by lace edging. The details really shine through on the Sweetheart. My favorite are the cute little pockets that are shaped like hearts and have white lace edging around the bottom and a cute little pink bow. What is really neat is they are actually functioning pockets - they are small, so not much could fit in there, but they are actual pockets. The underside of the pants are lined with the pink legging material and the lined lace straps that keep the pants up also features the same pink bow that's on the pockets. The Wooflink logo is embroidered in pink on the black waistband and there is one final pink bow on the front chest part of the outfit.

The second outfit is called the Honey Boo Boo and at first glance it looks masculine, until you notice all of the subtle feminine touches to it. The material has a black denim look to it and is finished with polka dotty details and little velvet bows. The pants have an adorable bow on each leg at the bottom made from the same denim-like material as the rest of the pants. The pockets and belt loops are white with black polka dots and the pockets feature the tiny little black velvet bows, as does the polka dot, lace edged chest section.

The outfits fit very well and the straps keep the dog pants up without a problem. There is ample room for fido to move freely without you worrying about it falling off. Paddington wasn't too sure about the legs at first, but she warmed up to them quickly and was strutting her stuff in no time!

I can honestly say I have never seen anything like these outfits before! If you want your dogs to stand out from the crowd, these are definitely for you.

You can find out more about Wooflink or find out where to buy their products from their web site at

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