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Product Reviews

Sterling Pet Charms

I always know when Merry is excited about trying on new jewelry. She sits very quietly, barely moving her head, letting me fuss and primp at her neck until I have the charms on just right.

As though she's saying: Yes, Mommy, go on, make me even prettier! I have my public to think about!

If I were to set out to find charms to make my pug even prettier, I couldn't find better ones than the lovely set of dog charms sent in to us recently by Luxepets. They're all sterling silver, with semi-precious stones set in charming ways, but they're also beautifully designed.

The first charm out of the silk bag was the Silver Birthday Bone Charm. Highly polished sterling with an enhanced sapphire sparkling from the center, this 3D charm is solid but not too heavy, suitable for most small dogs. As with all Luxe Pets charms, a nice solid lobster clasp will attach the charm to a necklace or collar.

For the holidays (and yes, the pumpkin did wear this to Grandma's house this Christmas), Luxepets sent along a flat sterling Christmas stocking charm. Complete with a cute little pawprint embedded in the front, this charm also has a diamond-grade CZ stone. And really, it's just one of the most adorable Christmas-themed charms we've ever seen.

The third charm was probably my favorite - a little polished sterling "kiss and hug" with a peridot. (They also included an additional matching charm that I can wear on a necklace!)

Merry and I fell in love with all of the products carried by Luxepets - their designs are incredibly well made, solid charms and some of the prettiest designs we've seen in ages. They have a high heel charm that is incredibly cute. They also make special collars with additional loops to attach a number of charms. (And yes, Merry is already bugging me for one!)

Luxe Pets gets a big four paws up from us!

You can find out more about Luxepets from their web site

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