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Product Reviews

Spring Dog Jackets

Sure, you can say you're not the kind of girl who's into fashion, and we might even believe you. But what kind of girl doesn't get excited about four brand new spring dog jackets? Particularly when three of them feature her signature color? (Oh, come on, you know it's pink.)

I can say with confidence that everyone's favorite fashionista pug was excited indeed to unwrap the newest package from The Ritzy Rover. Particularly when we saw the goodies nestled inside: a Plaid Hoodie Jacket in Red, a Pink Faux Fur Pom Hoodie, a Pink Leopard Pocket Hoodie and a Reversible Jacket in pink.

The first product out of the box was the Plaid Hoodie Jacket in Red - and surprisingly, this became one of our favorites even though it's not pink. Its classic styling and bright red color were excellent for this time of year. It fit very, very closely (pudgy doggies should definitely go up a size) but suited her frame wonderfully and was actually a nice lightweight cotton rather than the thick flannel it looked like from the photos. It fastens with three snaps under the belly. Merry has worn this little jacket often already; and I have to say the plaid makes it perfect for hiding a few dirt marks from the not-so-clean spring weather. (The little pink bunny is a pin; it's removable.)

The second jacket, the Pink Faux Fur Pom Hoodie is perfect for chillier spring mornings; it will also be a wonderful fall pullover as well. Its toasty warm fleece and tongue-in-cheek pom pom hoodie definitely get the pug a lot of attention from her fans when we go walking in it. (Okay, the bright pink probably helps too.) Again, this was a snugger fit, though less so than the plaid. Pudgy pups may still want to consider going a size up.

Next up: the Pink Leopard Pocket Pet Hoodie is another super fleece style for cooler spring or fall days. I think my favorite part of this pullover is its little treat pocket in the back. This style fit wonderfully well, a little roomy, very true to size both in length and girth. And the hood itself was also a little bigger, allowing me to bring it up over Merry's ears to protect her from early-morning chillies.

Finally, the Reversible Jacket in pink was our other favourite. First, it does up with a zip under the belly, just like grownup coats! :) The princess was very impressed with that. Plus, its casual style of grey sweatshirt material and pastel cotton (it comes with a choice of pink, blue or green) make it an excellent lazy weekend jacket. It's also reversible, so you can show off more or less of your favorite color. This style fit very well - a tiny bit snug over the top of the chest, but most breeds wouldn't notice a problem with this the way that pugs do. And the zip style helps to make up for that - it's easy enough just to leave the coat unzipped an inch or so over the chest. Kind of an "I'm going jogging" look.

Each and every one of these jackets impressed us with their quality. These are all well manufactured goods, clean edges, good materials, solid styles and colors. The quality of pet clothing is improving so quickly these days -- I think we can safely say these are most definitely "people" quality clothes.

Merry's having a blast showing off her new wardrobe this spring! Four paws up!

You can find out more about The Ritzy Rover from their web site
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