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Product Reviews

Spring Dog Coats

So after a long Canadian winter, spring is finally here, and no one is happier about that fact than a little pug called Merry. Sure, there's grass to run in and pretty flowers to sniff, but let's be honest - what does every spoiled little girl love the most about changing seasons? Why, new clothes, of course!

Merry was very glad to see her heavier winter coats going away; she was happier still to see the lovely new coats we received from RuffN'It. We've reviewed RuffN'It coats before, with great fanfare - Merry wore the Sierra (a faux-sherpa coat) a great deal last winter, because it fit perfectly and was, let's be honest, completely adorable.

This newest package from RuffN'It contained two spring-weight dog coats; the Magician and the Liang.

Let's start with the Magician (first two photos). For something that looks so luxurious, it's light enough to wear this season thanks to a simple pink satin lining. The fabric is very, very diva - something Merry knows nothing about, as you can tell. She took to it like a fish to water. It's got a wonderful deep collar, perfect for the city girl strolls we take around Toronto daily, and is finished with beautiful little buttons on the front fastening and at the belt. Yes, the fastenings are all velcro - the buttons are only decorative - but it gives you the best of both worlds; style, plus the convenience of being able to get the little princess in and out of her outdoor clothing quickly.

As always with RuffN'It coats, the fit was perfect. One of the biggest problems you can face as a pug owner is clothes that fit at the neck and belly, but are far too long by the tail. Pugs, in particular, need slightly shorter coats in order to accommodate their curly little tails. But RuffN'It handles this flawlessly; their coats are just that one inch or so shorter in the length so that everything fits exactly where it should. But thanks to the length of the velcro strips, the coats can also fit less stocky breeds just as easily.

The second coat, the Liang, I'll have to admit, I had some hesitation about. Yes, I know that pugs originated from Asia, and many pug owners play up this connection, dressing their dogs in all things Asian including little kimonos. But I wasn't sure how it would look on the very Westernized little diva.

I should just learn to trust the princess, because the moment we fixed the coat around her little pug frame, it was like she'd been born in it. I could not believe how great the coat looked on her. The high collar and satiny fabric hugged her little pug frame as though the coat was custom made - and you could tell Merry felt good in it, because she kept her head a little higher and her trot just a little more jaunty. I hereby withdraw all my reservations about the coat - honestly, Merry's worn it so often this spring you'd think it was permanently welded to her little pug body! (Of course, it's also pink, and those of you with divas at home already know that pink is just about guaranteed to be a big hit.)

This coat, too, fit perfectly and is deliciously made with a very thick satin floral fabric and is also lined with a complementary taupe satin.

I can't emphasize how impressed I am with the quality of RuffN'It's coats. Merry would own them all if she could.

You can find out more about RuffN'It from their web site
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