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Product Reviews

Sports Shirt and Pug Pillow

You may think, after having seen the princess pug in everything from hand-smocked cotton dresses to couture gowns to brilliant rhinestone necklaces, that she's just not a pug who can enjoy sports. But you'd be wrong; if you've ever seen her barrelling heck-bent-for-leather after a ball, you'd know that such an active little pug has a sure and appreciative understanding of sports.

Plus, she's just so adorably cute when she snuggles up beside her Daddy when he watches hockey that I've been tempted - many, many, many times - to buy her a hockey shirt with her Daddy's team (the Leafs) so she can wear it when cuddling with him during a game.

But I digress. Sports! Pug can definitely relate to sports. Particularly certain spectator sports, since snacks are a given. Snacks are good. :)

With the Olympics coming up very soon and WorldCup in South Africa just two short years away, there couldn't be a better time for the princess to try out a USA sports jersey from CoolCosas. It's a tasteful mix of the good old red, white & blue... with a little pizzazz thrown in.

The dog sports jersey is made with "typical" jersey material, tiny holes and 100% polyester and is a stylish solid navy. White and red stripes run 360 degrees around the ribcage and the t-shirt style jersey also features white piping at the neck and at the end of each sleeve.

Over the shoulder blades, there's an embroidered USA badge with three gold stars above, and the word "USA" is also silkscreened on in white block letters. The same silkscreening is used at the tail of the shirt - the number 10 is screened on, making this look like a "real" team shirt.

Fit is solid - loose, since you wouldn't expect a sports jersey to be tight - and construction is great. I think it would be a great choice for the sports lovin' pooch.

The folks at CoolCosas also sent along a "Marty" pug pillow. This product isn't specifically for dogs - it's a decorative piece, meant for your couch or your bed or, heck, even your pooch's couch or bed.

It's a well stuffed pillow, 12.5 by 7.5 inches, featuring (of course) a cute little pug called "Marty". The front of the pillow is silkscreened canvas and the back is a soft and cushy dark brown corduroy. Despite it not being specifically for her, the pug actually enjoyed cuddling up with it in her bed (you're shocked, right? A pug? who likes to cuddle, you say?).

The pillow's clean modern lines and hip styling makes it a great pug-themed choice for the pug lover in your life who also enjoys a more modern and hip look than you'll usually find with pug-themed merch. Perfect, too, for that kid who desperately wants a pug but won't be willing to take care of a real one... yet. :)

You can find out more about Cool Cosas from their web site at

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