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Sparkling Skull Camo Dog Dress

The burden of being the world's most fashionable pug? Folks turn to you when it comes to fashion sense. They expect you to know what's hot and what's not. Luckily, our resident dog diva Merry took to this task like a pug to, well, treats. And her take on this season's fashions?

"When it comes to hip, happening fashion, there are two trends that just seem to be everywhere these days: camo and the pirate look."

(The diva pug has a bit of a crush, we think, on Jack Sparrow. Must be all that fur on his face!)

That's why the pug was on hind legs about the package we received this month from PetzCrazee Pet Boutique. They sent along one of this season's best sellers: a Puppy Angel Sparkling Skull Camo Dog Dress.

The dress is one of the cutest we've ever reviewed: a solid black body decked out with a skull appliqué, draw-string tie at the waist and fringed with a green camo skirt. Thin white piping at the neck and sleeves really set off the dress, giving it a bit of extra "pop".

The dress is a lightweight, flexible cotton jersey, light enough for summerwear but still suitable for spring or fall. We liked the flexibility of the draw-string tie; it could be left open for chunkier dogs or those who, like Merry, enjoy a bit more flexibility from their summer gear, but it can be cinched up to show off a svelte figure as well. The dress comes available in a range of sizes to fit from Chihuahua to Pug sizes.

Let's face it, though: the sexy part of this dress is all in the skulls, baby. The large appliqué is made with hundreds of individual studs. We loved the sparkle and pop - and so did Merry's public, who stopped us several times (once, by a lady wearing matching earrings!).

Comfort comes first, too, in this design. Flexible fabric, open sleeves and a wide skirt means that there's plenty of room to play while still looking great.

The fit was stupendous - as with everything we've ever reviewed from the Puppy Angel line - as was workmanship. You just can't go wrong with these designs.

And the diva pug? Walk with it, baby. She's got a real catwalk prance to her walk when she's decked out in this dress, not to mention an absolutely adorable look, and she loves the attention she gets when she wears it. That, folks, it what it's all about.

You can find out more about PetsCrazee Pet Boutique from their web site at

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