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Sparkle Dog Jacket & Poop Bag Carrier

Let's face it. Carrying poop bags in not our favorite thing to do. If you live in an area festooned with public waste cans in which to dispose of said bags, we're insanely jealous - our own neighbourhood only has a few, spaced apart by several blocks each. Which means we must tote the unattractive things for a very long time.

Then there's the beach, or the park, or any number of other social situations in which you might find yourself saddled with a bag and nowhere to toss it.

This is the reasoning behind the clever little set sent to us by Pawstigious Pups - a lovely glittery jacket for dogs, which comes with a matching poop bag holder covered with the same attractive fabric. No one need know what it contains!

The shirt is really adorable, and fits like a glove. (As it should - the designers of this set actually have 17 different sizes available for most of their clothing. The size chart ranges fro Dachshund to French Bulldog to ensure every dog gets a perfect fit! Festooned with glittery pink hearts, the denim shirt has real button snaps down the belly (five snaps in all) and comes with an adorably pert collar. (Who knew denim could come in sparkle?)

The matching poop bag is the actual star of the show, however. It's a "No Smell" Fashion Bag, officially, and is made from a unique Japanese fabric. The bag can attach to your pants or purse with a quick-release metal belt loop, or you can carry it from the thick white ties.

The bag was made specifically to carry poop bags. The ingredients contain ceramic and charcoaled coconut which kills any smells from the contents of the bag. (Obviously, you'll still use a plastic bag, and then toss the sealed plastic bag inside this Fashion Bag.) The bag is machine washable, though of course for sanitary reasons it's recommended that you wash it separately, and it dries in the sun to protect the delicate balance inside the bag.

We thought this was a fabulous idea! While we don't use this every day, there have definitely been a number of days when this has come in handy, until we could get to a proper waste disposal area. And the fact that the company has taken pains to make the bag more attractive, even matching it to the dog's clothes... well, clever indeed.

Four paws up! Super idea, great execution, and we can't wait to see more clothing that fits so well.

You can find out more about Pawstigious Pups from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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