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Sniffany Dog Bed and Bling Tank

Every girl learns to dream of a small turquoise box early in life. We're told that inside the box there may be magic. There may be diamonds. There may be pearls. There may be silver, platinum or gold. One day we'll pine for want of this box.

Here's the thing: why have a teeny tiny little turquoise box with a tiny white bow when you can have a great big turquoise box with an enormous white bow? That's the thinking behind the adorable parody dog bed by Haute Diggity Dog.

The bed, cleverly titled "Sniffany & Co." in satiny black embroidery, is just the ticket for that pet who watches Breakfast at Tiffany's with a wistful sigh and a woebegone sniff.

Brilliantly turquoise, the bed is covered mostly with a low-pile polyester plush material which looks, and feels, silky and soft. The "bow" is covered with a more utilitarian white poly covering.

One of the things that surprised us the most about this bed was how incredibly plush it is. The cushion is a full five inches deep and filled with poly-fil to ensure your pet rides high and comfy over the floor. See photo #3 for a better visual of just how deep this bed is.

We also loved that unlike so many beds which hide the zipper along the seam, this bed has an additional seam across the bottom of the bed where the zipper stays covered and hidden until it's time to remove the cover. This makes removal easy. The cover is machine washable, lay flat to dry.

And of course, the design is just adorably brilliant. We were so pleased to finally see this bed in person, as it shows much better in person than a lot of the photos we've seen. It's a super shape - 24 x 24, although a larger size is also available from some retailers for bigger pups. But most small dogs will do just fine with the standard size.

If we had one thing to change: we wish the "ribbon" was done in a slightly more upscale fabric, making the bed seem even more luxurious. A sateen, perhaps, or even a faux fur? It's perfectly adorable as is, but we're always looking to improve the pampered experience of our, and your, pets!

The kind folks from Haute Diggity Dog also sent along a sample of their new clothing line, a selection of tanks with cute or retro sayings along with a bit of bling. The tank they sent was their "Puparazzi" tank, a soft ribbed 100% cotton black dog tank. Its a soft, fairly standard fit with only a slightly shorter belly and a topline that hits, as most tanks do, about 2-3 inches short of the tail. This design is silkscreened in white with the words "Where's the Puparazzi?" across the lower back of the tank. Five or six larger rhinestones are dotted around the catchphrase.

(And wouldn't you know it, such a phrase is just about perfect for the princess pug, who's constantly looking for her adoring fans and is - if you'll pardon the pun - a publicity hound!)

The tank is solid - good design, good fit, and we liked that the rhinestones weren't glued on but actually pushed through the fabric with a metal backer on the inside of the shirt. (That means the rhinestones will actually stick around for a while rather than go away after several washings.)

We have to say, Haute Diggity Dog continues to be one of our favorite designers. The combination of attention to detail, incredibly unique and inspiring designs, and quality workmanship isn't easy to uphold but these folks manage it every time. Four paws up!

You can find out more about Haute Diggity Dog from their web site at

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