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Product Reviews

Dog Walking Harness

Walking gear has come a long way for pets in the last few years. Sure, there have always been collars and leashes for pets but never with the kind of choice in style, color and materials that we've enjoyed the past five years.

The clothing dog harness - a harness that is more substantial, like clothes, or clothing that has a leash attachment - has gone from a rarely seen item five years ago to a staple today, offered by a variety of designers, in dozens of colors and fabrics.

And now there's an even bigger revolution on the horizon, and it's being shepherded in by the lovely folks at Hydrant Pet Works.

The Snapet™ walking harness is one of the smartest things we've ever reviewed. It's like a typical clothing harness at first blush, but then you realize it's capable of far more.

The design is brilliant. It's a two part system that consists of a harness (see 3rd photo) and a snap-on cover in a coordinating, more luxurious or stylish fabric. The harness itself has domes at the neck and waist. These attach to the domes on the interior of the snap-on cover.

And then - you guessed it - you can go on to buy many different snap-on covers, creating a wide selection of styles for your furkid to wear.

The harness itself, as with most cloth harnesses, attaches with a wide strap of velcro at the top of the chest (just below the neck) and also beneath the belly. It's walking gear aimed at smaller dogs. If your dog is in the top range, and a real puller, this may not be the style for you (however, Merry wears her cloth harnesses in general and the Snapet™ in particular without any problems).

The harness underneath, rather than the snap-on cover, has the D ring which attaches to your leash. Each snap-on cover comes with a sewn buttonhole to allow the leash to pass through. The harness comes with a small pendant as well - in this case, a fire hydrant. We tested two different snap-on covers; a lovely pink bouclé with a rhinestone pin and a stylish Pucci-esque sateen with "Woof" in rhinestones.

Quality was excellent, well made, great fabrics, workmanship worth spending hard earned money on.

The system offers a huge range of choices - over a dozen different harnesses and over two dozen different snap on covers.

We can't say it strongly enough: this is just a brilliant idea.

There are so many possibilities with a system like this - and the folks at Hydrant Pet Works are dreaming up new ways to use it every day! We can't wait to see what they come up with next!

You can find out more about Hydrant Pet Works from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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