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Product Reviews

Small Dog Bed

This month's reviews are brought to you by Paddington and Corduroy. Paddington is a feisty Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie) who keeps her humans safe from any pending squirrel attacks by doing regular patrols of her yard and Corduroy is a laid back Malshi (Maltese/Shih Tzu) who is a fluffy ball of kisses and whose favorite activities include cuddles and napping...oh and eating. Both Paddington and Corduroy are thrilled to be reviewing products for the next two months and are very excited to bring you the latest and greatest pet products. They would both like to thank Merry for bestowing them with this honor.

I don't know about your dogs but Corduroy loves a good nap. I am convinced she is a professional napper and can sleep anywhere, but she is definitely happiest when she can curl up in a ball inside something, especially if that something has sides for her to rest her head on. So imagine my joy when we received this product to review: a perfectly pint sized and pretty pet bed!

The new Small Pet Bed by Lollycadoodle is perfect for napping and Corduroy definitely approves. It is made by a technique called felting and uses 100% New Zealand Wool. As soon as I received this bed, both Paddington and Corduroy couldn't stop smelling it - they were both very interested in the natural fibers and inspected it thoroughly. The first night we had the bed out, Corduroy got into it and didn't move from it the entire night - something that rarely happens! She's usually here and there all over the place. This was a very good sign that the bed is quite comfy.

The bed is mostly pink with darker pink detailing all through it and an orange decorative border that hangs over in an almost crown like edging. The inside is orange with a built in poof that is padded up about one inch for comfortable snoozing no matter what surface the bed is on. The felting makes the bed very durable, yet soft and pliable when the dog is inside. Corduroy loves to curl up and put her head on the edge for maximum comfort - that way she can sleep while still keeping an eye out for any possible excitement that may come her way.

The bed is 20" in diameter so it is perfect for a small dog (or cat) to curl up in. Corduroy is under 10lbs (or should be at least - she loves her treats!) and there is plenty of room left inside. The bed is also available in blue/green and purple/orange along with the pink/orange that Corduroy tested. The handmade aspect of these beds means that every bed is slightly different in its own way, which is wonderful.

One of Corduroy's favorite things about this bed is how tall the sides are, great for support when curling up. Cordy loves to feel like she is in a nest and this bed definitely mimics that. It stands about five inches high and with the crown like detailed edging any dog is sure to feel like royalty when sleeping in it.

To keep the bed clean, you can simply brush it with a pet brush - genius! If your bed does get a bit stinky, you can dunk it in the sink in cold water and some mild soap, then roll it in a towel and leave it in the sun to dry. So simple and very easy!

One of the best things about this bed is that it is so eco-friendly. Not only is it natural, biodegradable and durable, but it is handmade by trained artisans in Nepal with fair pay and working conditions. That is something we definitely LOVE about Lollycadoole's products. People are becoming quite conscious about being "green" in their every day lives and it is sometimes difficult to find products, especially for our four-legged family members, that are committed to helping the environment. You can feel very good about investing in this bed for your beloved pets as Lollycadoodle is working hard to leave a small carbon footprint.

Our only suggestion to improve this already great product, would to make it reversible! It looks as though you can do that currently, but the poof makes it a bit wobbly. With a little tweaking it could definitely be a two-in-one bed.

Corduroy gives this bed four paws way up....while asleep in it!

You can find out more about Lollycadoodle or find out where to buy their products from their web site at

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