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Product Reviews

Sculpted Waterproof Dog Coat

Rain is a bane. It's a pain. And not just in Spain.

I never really considered what the effects of rain would be on dogs until I owned one. And then it became muddishly, dirtily, wetly and messily clear: rain is just a pain. Mud splashes up, your pet's coat gets soaked through (allowing them to bring in tons of rainwater from outside and soak the furniture, your walls, your floors, and more with the wonderful wet residues!), and generally there are days when I'd like to skip this whole rain thing altogether. In fact, maybe I'll skip snow too, since wet icky snow is almost as bad. Yes. Let's just have sun. And sprinklers. Or something. Darnit!

The one small piece of sanity in an otherwise wet and furry world is the doggy raincoat. And Modruff's turning this idea on its head with a design so unique, we've never seen its equal anywhere.

The concept, gentle reader, is sculpted dog raincoat wear. In other words: instead of trying to waterproof fabrics which were never meant to be waterproof anyway, the company has instead decided to use molded, sculpted 100% natural rubber for the basis behind their coats.


Modruff sent along one of their signature styles, called the Angel coat. It comes in five gorgeous pastel shades, but they sent along pale pink for the princess (natch).

The entire outer layer, with the exception of a patch of thick velcro at the chest and one under the belly, is made from sculpted natural rubber. In this case, the rubber is sculpted to look like angel wings; a gorgeous collection of swirls (over the shoulders) and feathers (over the back), right down to the tiniest detail, are actually texturally visible on the outer coat.

The rubber itself is curiously touchable; though it's relatively thick, it's incredibly flexible - far more so than you'd usually find with rubber. I'm told by the folks at Modruff that this is because the viscocity of this rubber is different than what you'd find in most commercial rubber products. The benefit is a flexible and "soft" rubber that moves with your dog's body. What'a more, the rubber is 100% biodegradable. (We like green.)

The coat fastens with two thick areas of velcro; in this case, in white. (I'll be honest - I would have preferred the velcro to be dyed a pale pink, to match the coat - but maybe we'll see this in future versions.) Fit is good; but keep in mind rubber doesn't exactly stretch. If you've a tubby pup, you'll want to double check sizing before purchase.

The interior of the coat is lined with a white faux fur for extra comfort. It's more than sufficient to keep them warm on the coolest of rainy days or nights.

Comfort-wise, I was surprised how flexible and workable the coat is. Merry was able to run and jump and do all the things she normally does while still staying drier. The rubber was very effective at not only keeping the rain off her back but also encouraging water to run off the coat (the channels in the "angel wings" design served a fabulous dual purpose here).

Each coat also comes with a bottle of coat polish. As with all rubber, over time it may dry out and/or "bloom" (get a light white residue on top); the polish helps to restore moisture to the rubber and return the coat to its normal color. It's fabulous that the company offers this as a matter of course.

Cleaning in a machine isn't recommended for these coats, due to the rubber. The company suggests you spot clean by hand the lining when necessary. If I had one thing to change about the design, it would be this - while I understand not putting the coat into a washer, white lining just isn't going to stay clean forever. A darker lining (which admittedly they offer in their other designs) would at least help the coat to look good for longer.

[Editor's note: We've heard back from the designer and these coats are available with their choice of lining colors - so if you're leery of white, lots of other colors to choose from!]

Overall, the coat is darned cute and a really original design. And since it looks like we're not losing the rain any time soon, it's a great idea to keep your pup's back dry and look good doing so!

You can find out more about Modruff from their web site at

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