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Santa Hoodie Dog Coat

Did I mention I collect Santas? I do. I even have a wee web site about it, that I try to update from time to time.

But what I'm saying is that I'm serious about Santa. I luuurve Santa dog clothing and anything red and white and clothing-related, particularly for the pug, is guaranteed to get me excited.

You can imagine, then, why I was squealing like a little girl when I saw the new Santa hoodie coat from FouFou Dog. Because seriously, folks? Cute cute cute.

The hoodie is nicely oversized (the easier to fit a sweater or tee underneath it on colder days) and is made from soft fire-engine red fleece with white furry trim along the hood and bottom of the coat - and, of course, a white puffy pom pom at the tip of the hood. The hood itself is also oversized, which gives added warmth and ensures a nice "drape" to the jacket that you don't always get with hooded coats.

It really is a coat, too - three squares of velcro spaced like "buttons" down both sides of the jacket let you do up the coat and undo at your leisure.

The entire interior - even the hood - is lined with a darker red velvet. It's luxuriously soft, and is "loose" against the fleece to make a nice air pocket. This equals warmer coat for your pooch. (That's never a bad thing at this time of year!)

Now, the folks at FouFou Dog have assured me that this is a reversible dog coat - and it is, after a fashion. Turned inside out, the velvet is seamless, yes, and still has white fur trim on the hood and bottom of the coat. There are, for me, two small things that keep the coat from being truly reversible: one, there's no pom pom on the velvet side (for me, Santa = pom pom. Yes, I'm shallow) and two, there's a fabric tag at the neck (with materials and washing instructions) as well as a smaller tag that displays the size. Yes, you could cut these off, and they are hidden underneath the hood when it's not being used, but it's still kind of obvious.

For me, I'd much rather keep this with the fleece on the outside - easier to spot-clean, and let the supple velvet be the interior for the princess - because doesn't every princess deserve velvet against her skin?

(Totally coming back in my next life, as my dog. Sheesh.)

The quality's great, but most of all I was excited by the warmth that this hoodie coat will provide. Even if it gets really cold, the coat's roomy enough for a sweater underneath... and the fleece is durable enough that this can be her outdoor gear for a big chunk of the next month's holiday season!

What's more - the princess looks darned cute in it. That oversized hoodie is just precious.

You can find out more about FouFou Dog from their web site at

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