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Merry is one hip little pooch. We all know this. And there's nothing she loves more than having hip fashions to wear when she goes for long walks through the streets of Toronto. It's the attention, you see. Nothing the little diva loves more than attention - and wearing hip clothes just like the big girls guarantees she's the talk of the town.

She was dancing for joy when we opened the package from Hip Doggie and found inside not one but two rugby dog shirts. All the rage, she assured me with a laid-back city girl bark.

The shirts were wonderfully made, and fit like a dream - exactly as we've come to enjoy from Hip Doggie. I don't know how long they've spent coming up with their patterns, but their shirts fit Merry like a glove. It's a treat to find shirts that fit so well.

The styles, of course, were darling - spiffy white collars and arm bands, à la Old Navy. The black and white is spiffy, and has the added bonus on the little pug of looking a bit like a tux from a distance. Lots of people commented on her "little tuxedo" on our walks (Men in Black is something we'll never live down). The blue stripe was surprisingly adorable - I've routinely avoided blue for her since she's mistaken for a boy so often as it is - and has become one of her favorite shirts to wear for walks.

The shirts also come with an adorable little white bone right at the collar in the front. It gives them an extra-special touch and reminds you that while they may look like they were built for people, they're for doggies all the way.

If I had one wish for these shirts, it would be the addition of more colours or patterns. Wouldn't Merry look darling in a pink and red stripe? Or a solid purple? How fun. The great thing with these kinds of shirts is that you can never have too many.

Merry and I love these latest items from Hip Doggie. She wants their entire line (they carry many stunning t-shirts, polos and coats, and the cutest star pillow dop beds); I've put her off for now by reminding her Santa is coming soon. :)

You can find out more about Hip Doggie from their web site

at Tell them Merry sent you!

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