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Royal Badness Step In Harness

The princess pug learned her lesson a long time ago: if you want to be glam and full of attitude, you need to project from the inside out. It's like donning a second skin - over your fur, but under your clothes - that says to the world: "I am just SO fabulous that you clearly need to take notice. Now pet me."

But still, clothes and accessories do help to complete the transformation, and never was that more evident than in the wonderfully funky design trend of skulls, skulls, skulls. (We only have the deliciously devilish Johnny Depp to thank for that, a la Pirates of the Caribbean.) It's all good - the pug has learned to love exploring her inner goth.

That's where the super Royal Badness Step In Harness comes in, folks, courtesy of the lovely gang at Haute Dog Boutique. This baby is smokin' hot with attitude and is (dare we say it?) perfect for the world's most diva pug. It's a shiny and sparkly harness decked out in wickedly metallic pink leather and topped with a slammin' metallic silver skull. Oh yeah.

We have a love/hate relationship with step in dog harnesses. It all hangs on the design. If they're hard to do up, or too thin, then they end up cutting our babies or not staying properly closed. But no worries - this design is literally the best we've seen in the "step-in" world. The leather straps themselves are all rounded and lightly padded to ensure no digging into precious puggy skin. The skull (and additional leather strap, for good measure) slides up, lickety-split, to allow the dog to step in, and then you can snug them back down over their shoulder blades for a secure fit.

Since the harness and leash (4' long) are all one piece, there's no fussy buckles - which also means less chance of something not getting done up correctly and losing your baby to one good pull! And as with all step-ins, this harness fits a range of sizes. The harness comes in three sizes, and each fit a range (final range is between 12" and 22", based on girth).

And atti-tood! The princess has NEVER had so many comments, praises, and dirty looks from the other, less stylish pups on the block than when she struts out wearing this getup. All this combines to make Princess Meredith one very hip, very glam, and very full of herself little pug.

We loved the metallic sheen - it's a very well executed look, that doesn't get dingy over time and really sparkles in the sun. The leather is very supple from the get-go; while it does soften more with time, it's not too rough for right-out-of-the-box wear. And the padded, rolled leather has the added advantage of being easier on your hands as you walk your furkid.

We were skeptical about the design but a few walks with it dispelled our fears. It's really well made, supports and hugs your pet well without pushing on pressure points. But in the end, the look sold us the most. It's just darned cute.

Fabulous, we should say. As befits a princess, diva, and model such as the resident pug! Our thanks to the folks at Haute Dog Boutique for sending this along and changing our minds about step-ins.

You can find out more about Haute Dog Boutique from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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