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Product Reviews

Romantic Dog Toys

Apparently, when you're a diva princess and the world's 2nd most famous pug (we do acknowledge that Frank the Pug may be just a wee bit more popular... for now, at least), there is no such thing as too many toys.

My floors can attest to this. They are semi-permanently buried under a vast array of balls, squeaky dog toys, indian rubber bouncy things, molded plastic things, no less than ten Christmas-themed and four Easter-themed toys. Not to mention the complete Diva collection of toys created by Haute Diggity Dog and reviewed here a few months ago.

But still. You heard what I said, and I meant it. No such thing as too many toys. Which is precisely why the folks at Haute Diggity Dog were kind enough to send along their entire new toy collection - the Romance collection.

I have to say it. The folks at Haute Diggity Dog are brilliant. They consistently create the absolute, bar none, hands down cutest toys I've ever seen made for pets. What's more, they brilliantly scale these toys down to allow even the tiniest Chihuahua to drag them around.

The first style, the Sniffany Gift Box Plush Dog Toy looks like a tiny plush jewelry box. It's a certain signature blue, wrapped with a white "ribbon" and has the words "Sniffany & Co." embroidered across the top of the box. It has a squeaker inside. I know this because Merry's been 'rapping' with it for the last ten minutes as I write this review.

Thanks, Haute Diggity Dog. :)

The second style is probably my favorite, and makes me finally feel as though my dog and I are on the same level when it comes to our Diva-ness. There's nothing that beats chocolate. Nothing. Except for winning the lottery. But still. We'd just use that money to buy chocolate. So really, chocolate still wins. And there's nothing more perfect than chocolate-dipped strawberries. The Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Plush Dog Toy is marvellous, stupendous, adorable, brilliant, and we want ten of them spread around the house for Merry to chew on (and frankly, to inspire me to shop more at Godiva, but I digress). It's also the smallest of the three toys, and would be perfect for your tiny pooch. This toy also comes with a squeaker.

The third style was actually Merry's favorite - the Rose in Bloom Plush Dog Toy. I think she loved it because there were so many interesting parts to chew - particularly the stem. She carried it around with her for more then two days straight when she first got it (literally carrying it from room to room as she followed me around). And say it with me... the toy has a squeaker. Oh, Merry was so very happy at this news.

These toys are brilliant, and a welcome addition to any home. Our highest recommendation, again!

You can find out more about Haute Diggity Dog from their web site


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