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Product Reviews

Ribbon Dog Collars

If you're a girl (or furgirl) who loooooooves fashion and enjoys having lots of collar style options at your fingertips, there's really no better way to go than the nylon-backed ribbon collar. This dog collar style has just exploded in popularity over the last 5 years and it shows no signs of slowing down. This style is especially handy if:

  • Your dog has many moods and would like collars to suit all of them
  • Your dog has many clothes and needs collars to match all of them
  • You have many outfits and you'd like your dog to coordinate with them
  • You get tired of seeing the same collar on the dog day in, day out

Luckily, companies like Fetching Fashions who specialize in designer ribbon dog collars are totally in your corner. They sent along five of their hottest styles for us to try out: Mocha Mint Dot, Bella, Skull and Bolts (in black and in pink!), and Neopolitan Dot.

(Did I mention I'm a HUGE sucker for polka dots?)

The Mocha Mint Dot (top left photo) and Neopolitan Dot (bottom two photos) styles are right up our alley, featuring a modern twist on the polka dot with a large single row of multicolored dots circling the dog's neck. Mocha Mint Dot is backed with a lovely chocolate brown nylon and features dots in white, mint, turquoise and pale blue. Neopolitan Dot is backed with vibrant pin knulon and features dots in white, cream, pale and vibrant pink. Both ribbons feature a chocolate brown base.

The Bella style (top right photo) is one of three new exclusive designs - you can only get these patterns from Fetching Fashions - and was inspired by the designer's boxer, Bella. Backed with the same vibrant pink nylon as the Neopolitan Dot, it features three tight rows of contrasting dots. Black base, with pink-rimmed white dots and white-rimmed pink dots... and black and pink, as everyone knows, go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Or chocolate and milk. Or chocolate and me. You get the idea.

For the pooch with 'tude, the Skull and Bolts styles are rockin' it. Both of these designs are also unique to Fetching Fashions and feature the classic skull & crossbones icon in white (outlined in black) on two different colored bases - black and pink. Each base also features "lightning bolts" running throughout the fabric, which really gives it an edge and makes it something more unique.

These collars come in a huge range of sizes, particularly the exclusive designs: from 7" to 27". Every collar is backed with durable nylon webbing and solid black plastic adjusters and quick-release buckles with metal d-rings. The stitching is well reinforced and stands up well to tugging.

One of my favorite things about these collars is where they've put the tag. Yes, yes, I know that's a little detail, but that's my job - to harp on those little details. With all due respect to the hundreds of designers who plaster their logos on collars and tags and other dog-wear, sometimes I just don't want to be your free advertising. I get that you're trying to build a brand, I get that a good way to do that is to have your name or logo visible on the gear, but sometimes I'd just like to be able to put my dog into a nice looking collar and go, you know?

And that's where Fetching Fashions really stands out for me. Their styles are fabulous, the workmanship is great... and the tags are on the inside of the collar.

Thank you.

For this reason and many more, I know you'll love the collars. Give 'em a try.

You can find out more about Fetching Fashions from their web site at

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