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Rhinestone Step-In Dog Harnesses

I share this story as often as I can because I even know vets who hadn't heard about it:

When I first got Merry, she'd never been on a leash. I'd never had a dog, but had read plenty of training manuals. But before we trained each other, leash walks were tough for us - even when I kept her controlled and near me the pug would darn near kill herself straining on the leash - to the point that she started dropping during walks and having seizures. I didn't know it at the time of course; we had her tested for everything from pug encephalitis to liver shunts.

But it all came to a halt when I ran into another pug owner on a walk and she told me that pugs are crazy (truer words were never spoken) and I should put Merry in a harness - that she was probably cutting off her own air supply with the collar. Sure enough, I bought a harness, and the pug's seizures instantly went away.

(Luckily the little diva eventually learned how to walk reasonably on a collar and leash - could you imagine the dogtastrophe to the world of doggie fashion otherwise??)

But let me tell you: the harnesses I knew about then were nothing compared to these. The sweetums would have been in hip and happening harnesses from day one had I known about these little titans of bling!

The folks at Rouge New York are always coming up with reasonably priced and fashionable ways to make walkies more exciting, and their newest product is just fabulous: step-in rhinestone harnesses.

Each step-in harness is fashioned the same way: a cross-chest strap, a cross-belly strap, and a single strap running up the center of the chest. It's a solid design that will keep the pressure far away from your pet's windpipe. However, it does tend to ride low on the chest - if you have a real puller/tugger/reverse mode dog, they might be able to slip out if they tried hard enough. You know your pet; buy accordingly.

There's a loop of faux-croc pleather at the shoulder blades to let you tighten or loosen the harness based on your pet's body type, and then the bling: a strip of faux croc in either a bone shape (with matching rhinestone bone pendant) or skull shape (with matching pirate skull rhinestone pendant, natch). Most of the pendants are silver with rhinestones - with the exception of the metallic gold harness, which is fully decked out with a "gold" pirate skull. Which is just too awesome.

We also love the attached leash - at about 4', it's perfect for walking in the city. And the most clever part: it's not one solid piece of pleather. Instead, the leash is permanently fastened to the harness with a swivel loop, so no matter how many circles Merry turns, we don't get tangled up. Very nice feature. A nice long loop at the end of the leash forms a handy handle - shh, I can so say handy handle.

And the colors! Woo!

Okay, seriously: Hot Pink? Chocolate? Metallic Gold? Slammin' black? We're totally there. There's not a single color we're not wild about in that list.

As always, the incredible designers at Rouge New York have wowed us with their color sense, their fun and funky sense of style, and a usability that keeps us coming back for more. Four paws, two hands, all way up!

You can find out more about Rouge New York from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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