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Product Reviews

Rhinestone Dog Collars and Leads

Rhinestones, baby. The glitter and the glam. The sparkle and the shine. Dazzle 'em with shimmer and glow, or so our resident diva pug always says.

It's just always about the bling.

So, who better to review Rouge New York's latest creation: the Rhinestone dog collar & leash than the princess herself? None better.

The folks at Rouge New York sent along a huge package for us to try out - their collars and matching leads in both available colors, and also in two sizes since the pug sits right at the between-sizes mark (14" neck). Which meant a lot of ice when we opened the package. The pug was dancing on her toes. Ice is nice!

The colors are gorgeous, and perfect for this style of collar. Hot pink for girlier types, and black for a classic look (works for boys or girls alike!). The material is faux-alligator pleather, with a soft tan colored pleather backing. All findings are in silver.

All collars above 11" long feature two rows of rhinestones (the smallest size features a single row of ice). Each collar features an additional loop in the front (separate from the d-ring for the leash, which is at the back of the collar with the buckle) for hanging dog ID tags or blingy charms. There is a stylistic difference between the smaller sizes and the 14"+ sizes - the smaller items feature a metal loop holder which secures the round loop for charms; larger collars actually have a second d-ring in front instead, to hold charms more securely for bigger pooches.

What we loved: smaller buckles on the 11-14" collars! So often this size range in dog collars features large findings and buckles, which can look really heavy on a small dog. These smaller buckles are still sturdy enough for this size range but are far more aesthetic.

The leads are all 4 feet long, with a row of rhinestones near the bottom of the leash. As with the collars, they feature soft tan colored pleather backing.

The workmanship here, as with everything we've reviewed from Rouge New York (see our past reviews: 1, 2) is nothing short of stellar. Double stitching. Finished edges. Quality findings, excellent design and craftsmanship. Literally among the top collar designs we've ever reviewed - this company knows quality, knows style and knows hot to deliver both in spades.

The Diva pug with the mostest is also in love. Rhinestones, baby! Most of all, she loves the attention that strutting around town in these sparkly, high quality collars and leads gets her; we're constantly being stopped so that folks can admire and pet the tricked-out princedss. Ah, the life of a supermodel.

You can find out more about Rouge New York from their web site at

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