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Rhinestone Bone Dog Charms

An ordinary, run of the mill, lightly spoiled dog probably doesn't think much about bling. Sure, it's something sparkly they may see on the television or on the occasional two-footed dog (that's us, in case you didn't recognize the naming convention). But in the end, it has nothing to do with their everyday life.

Food. Couch to lay on. A toy to play with. This is all that's in the simple mind of the un-pampered puppy.

(Of course, that's a guess. We wouldn't know an un-pampered puppy if we saw one, given what our home is like. Most dogs tend to look neglected when compared to the riches the princess enjoys.)

But when you're the pumpkin, the diva, the pug with the mostest, let me tell you... you think about bling. You become a bit like the character Jeremy from The Secret of Nimh... you take notice of sparklies. You croon about sparklies. And there's nothing more fun for you than owning a sparkly of your own.

This is why the princess was over the moon, dancing on the ceiling and getting jiggy with it over the bits of bling that Puchii sent in for her delectation: not one, not two but three rhinestone bone-shaped charms in a variety of colors.

The charms are sturdy and solid, perfect for hanging on a dog collar or chain necklace. Made from .925 sterling silver and encrusted with real Swarovski crystals, they're a luxurious adornment for your pet. The charms come in Light Sapphire, Light Rose and White (Clear). I'll be honest and say it was impossible for us to choose which we liked best - the colors were beautifully saturated without being garish, but the White (Clear) had more of a diamond-feel to it.

(And, since it will be a while still before we can afford to drape the pug in diamonds every day, this is a close second for the princess.)

The workmanship was quality; the stones were well set, so you needn't worry about losing a crystal, and the charm was topped with a shiny lobster clasp, making it easy to add and remove to a variety of collars or necklaces (or even a human charm bracelet). Each piece is rhodium-plated for extra durability.

Most important, however, was this: the princess looked simply smashing in them. And really, darling, that's just the main reason for everything, wouldn't you say?

The princess loved her bling from Puchii; her tail is still wagging over it.

You can find out more about Puchii from their web site at

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