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Reversible Dog Raincoats

When you live in Toronto, it's best to have raincoats, umbrellas, rain boots and the like. I'll tell you why. Spring and fall are just chock-full of surprise rains, humid days, unexpected fogs and the like. (Perhaps it's got something to do with being suurounded by lakes.)

Whatever the reason, the reality is that there are some years where raincoats get more wear than almost any other kind of clothing.

(Particularly when you're a little diva, spoiled beyond measure, who seems to think that she will melt if she's exposed to the rain for any length of time whatsoever. Not that we're talking about anyone in particular, mind you. We're just saying.)

This is why we were so relieved to get our latest pagckage from Urbandiggs, which included not one but two reversible, waterproof dog raincoats.

Oh, okay, that wasn't really the only reason. Fine, it wasn't even the first reason. The truth is, these coats were so cute we just kind of noticed afterwards that they were waterproof.

The first coat we tried on was the Jazzy Dog Coat (first two photos). The fabric design is very Pucci-esque, with the swirling, bold colors a perfect foil for almost any dog. We like to think it's bright enough to help your furkid be visible on foggy, raingy days. But if loud just isn't her style at times, she can switch sides and wear the black-side out (though it still has brilliant red stitching).

The second coat, the Alike Dog Coat, is a visual festival of retro color and style. We love the dots. We're enslaved by the dots. We want to live in a swingin' pad in Soho in the 60's, chock-full of these dots. We really, really like the dots.

But again, if you're needing to hide your hipster retro groove for a day, switch it around and you've got a solid orange coat for singing in the rain. (Cute white stitching. Really cute.)

As with all Urbandiggs' wear, these coats are incredibly well made. The collars fit well and fall perfectly. The velcro works seamlessly on either side, no matter which color you want to show to the rain. The fabric choices are inspired, and the colors are to-die-for. The workmanship is top marks. And they help the princess pug show her public that you don't have to be dowdy to stay dry.

As always, we're thrilled with our Urbandiggs wear! Highly recommended!

You can find out more about Urbandiggs from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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