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Product Reviews

Purple Silver Flox Dog Coat

"It's on the runways and hot for home decor - faux fur is simply everywhere, dahling, it's quite simply the thing to do right now and no where is it more fun than when it's draped alluringly over a tiny, girlish, simply delectable little pug frame."

-- Merry, January 2004, wearing her brand new custom-made Purple Silver Flox Coat.

You get an idea where this is going.

Now, the princess has been whispering in my ear for quite some time that she wanted - no, deserved, really - a faux fur coat. Yes, yes (she assured me) she was quite aware that she already had her own fur, but there's simply no substitute for draping herself in a warm, fuzzy, decadent and sinful faux fur coat.

Nothing would do until she could evaluate one of CIZL's stunning fur dog coats. What's worse, she's a little bigger than their largest size (their sizes run size 8 to 12 based on topline). The owner of CIZL, Lydia Yoon, bent over backwards for the little princess and actually had her designers custom-make a larger size for the princess pug. The results, as you can see, are stunning.

Decadent and sinful are definitely the words to use when describing these coats. I've never felt anything thicker or more luxurious in all my time reviewing dog products. This isn't just human-quality workmanship. It outpaces many actual human faux fur coats in terms of luxury, design, and quality. It's so stunning, I wish CIZL made coats for people.

The coat is lined with 100% pure cashmere. It's thick enough to withstand the toughest winter weather and still keep your little one warm. And it's stylish enough to go shopping, go to the office, go to a fashion show, or just go to the park.

The fur-covered collar can be flipped all the way up to provide more protection when the wind is nasty cold. Merry, of course, simply likes it that way because it's fabulous and makes her look very important.

She wears it shopping (we've explained before that in places like Toronto's Yorkville, it's as much about being seen in her lovely coat as it is shopping for new treasures). And oh, you wouldn't believe the admirers she collects when she does so. We get stopped, people come up to shake her hand, convinced that she's someone famous even though they can't remember which commercial they've seen her in. She takes it all in stride, presses pawprint autographs into palms or trouser knees, and toddles on her way, content that now, she truly has achieved diva status.

Our special thanks to CIZL for going the extra mile and custom-making a fur coat in Merry's size for evaluation!

You can find out more about CIZL from their web site

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