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Doggy Skirt Sets and Dog Tank

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Fit is important, quality is even more so, but cuteness - well, folks, cuteness is number one. You can have an incredibly quality doggie dud that fits well but if it's not cute, it's... well, it's a dud. I can't stress how crucial good design is. The outfit has to look cute. On a dog, not just on the hanger. I wish more companies understood this.

Luckily, the team at Hip Doggie have been making clothes for years - they're dinosaurs, and have been around this biz almost as long as we have - and have perfected the art of making cute-looking clothes that look good on the dog. Which is why we were thrilled to get a batch of their latest designs to model and tell you all about.

First up, their Orange Mod Dog Tank Dress, a delicious throwback to the 60's when men were men, dogs slept in dog houses (okay, we'll overlook that part) and women wore Go-Go boots. Not that I was there personally, you understand. But still, this outfit screams retro in a really fab way. From the geometric mod dots design to the brown-and-orange loveliness of it all, the fabric totally makes me want to find a pair of boots for the dog. I'm not well. I know this.

But all the hip hilarity doesn't end there. The fabric is totally retro too, a soft and flexible 100% polyester (natch). The cut of the tank dress is perfect, it hangs wonderfully over the dog's body without seeming droopy. The style itself is wonderful, with the little keyhole at the top and long brown poly ties. So sweet.

It's a lightweight outfit, suitable for summer wear but perfect for warm autumn days, too.

Next up: denim skirt sets! Despite their look, both skirt sets are actually a one-piece. The third photo shows the Pink Denim mini skirt (my fave of the two) and the bottom photo shows the Denim Daisy dog dress. Both sets had surprisingly thick tops; from their photos they both looked as though they were topped with t-shirt material, but that's not the case. It makes sense; they each have to "carry" a heavier-weight denim skirt, so the sturdier fabrics up top will better hold the skirts in place.

The Pink Denim is topped by a thin, almost turtleneck-thickness stretch poly in a combination of red, pink and burgundy striped patterns. I loved the darker denim skirt and brown fabric "belt". Note that these belts aren't functional; they're decorative only, despite being cleverly looped through the "belt loops" on the skirts. The skirts even have functional pockets on each side - which is just the cutest. Ever. Seriously. Made me want to put a subway token in there in case Merry wants to go roaming.

Hey, you never know.

The Denim Daisy is topped with a springlike stretch lined poly; the top (daisy) layer is nearly see through, which is why there's a white liner sewn in underneath. From dusty rose to hot pink, pale green to cornflower blue, the daisies run in colored rows along the entire top. The skirt on this dress is made from lighter colored denim and features a dark denim "belt" with a white plastic "daisy" buckle.

What was surprising to me was how long in the body these denim dog dresses fit. While the Pink dress fit almost perfectly (maybe only an inch longer than I would have expected), the Daisy fit quite long for Hip Doggie (and I know their sizing well); Merry could probably easily gone to the next size down and still been fine. So keep that in mind when ordering.

Workmanship on all three outfits is incredible, as we've come to expect from Hip Doggie. But what blew us away was, as always, their attention to detail and incredible sense of style. These three outfits will be workin' it on the princess for some time to come, because they're timeless and lovely and fabulous both on and off the pug.

I can't say enough good things about the Hip Doggie clothing line. If you love dog clothing and haven't tried any of their products yet, you're missing out.

You can find out more about Hip Doggie from their web site at

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