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Product Reviews

Plush "Poodles" Donut Dog Bed

The truth is that we've been fans of Room Candy beds for quite some time. See our previous reviews: December 2004 and November 2003. This company, in our opinion, just plain knows how to design a dog bed.

When the folks from Room Candy gave us a call to let us know they were coming out with some new bed designs, you can bet we sat up and wagged our tails for the chance to test them out. And this bed, like all we've reviewed from them, does not disappoint.

The "Oodles of Poodles" dog bed is one of the most luxuriously soft, decadent, cuddly puppy beds the princess has ever reviewed. The fabric is called a "poodle" fabric and it consists of thousands of tiny, silky loops. You can't just touch this stuff once. You want to keep stroking it, patting it (much like the Princess herself, which she hastened to point out to us when we started raving about the bed). The fibers are long enough to lend a plushness to the bed but not so long that Merry would get her claws caught in the loops.

And stuffing! Let us tell you about stuffing. It's a known fact that we're snobs about dog beds and stuffing. This, in our opinion, is not an area to get chintzy. It's all about the stuffing, darling, and don't skimp on the poufiness. No delicate princess joint should ever come near floor. It's what separates the luxury beds from the pet superstore beds, if you know what we mean.

Room Candy delivers in this area too. As you can tell from the photos, this bed has some serious pouf to it, and it's a cushioned padding, squeezable and soft but firm (and padded) enough to retain its shape. The princess was absolutely ecstatic about the combination of buttery soft fabric and deeply cushy filling. She just climbed right in and it took two of us and treats to get her back out.

We also loved the design. Rather than a typical nest bed, which has a removable pillow, this is an all-one-piece design. It's sneaky, because it looks like the middle would be removable, but it's not. The whole thing - lock stock and barrel - goes in the washing machine, since all Room Candy dog beds are washable. (Make sure you line dry.)

The color was perfect. Thank goodness the folks at Room Candy understand the need for neutral but beautiful bedding for pets! The light champagne color would work well in a variety of homes and color schemes. But in case it doesn't, the bed also comes in Pink, Blue and White.

This bed has already become one of the princess's favorites. She climbs in there every time we turn around.

And the fact that the bed matches her shedding? Just a fabulous for-pug-owners bonus!

Four paws way up for the new Poodles bed by Room Candy! We can't wait to see what you folks come up with next.

You can find out more about Room Candy from their web site at

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