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Product Reviews

Plush Collar & Charms

With the hundreds and hundreds of collar and dog leash options available today, how do you pick what's right for your little pumpkin? Truth be told, it's tough - we know! (Of course, we've also always been of the opinion that you shouldn't have to choose - why not have them all? But maybe that's just us.)

It's even tougher, we think, for teeny tiny pups. So many collars out there are 1/2", 3/4" or even 1" thick that it can be tough to find something that's as dainty as the little one you're trying to dress for walkies.

It's one of the reasons we fell in love with the delicious Plush Collar and Leash from Luxepets. These slender, elegant collars are a mere 1/4" wide. They're decorated with a row of Swarovski crystals in a matching shade, interspersed with eyelets. The eyelets help to make the collar even lighter - it's a very lightweight collar, perfect for tiny pups and daintier larger pups. The collar comes in sizes from 8" to 14". The matching lead is four feeet long, with a row of crystals and an eyelet at the handle. (As you can see, all eyelets - even those in the leash - can be adorned with charms. The company kindly included one of their Daisy charms to demonstrate.)

We loved the color - the palest pink imaginable. But if you're not stuck on pink, there are tons of other color options available - 8 in all.

If your pup is over 10 pounds and a heavy puller, you might want to consider something a bit more robust, but if you're looking for something more delicate for a tiny pup or that more sedate dog, this set is definitely up your alley. It fills a need that's been underserved in this industry, something with color choice and elegance for smaller pups.

The company also sent along two charms - the Best Friends charm was the first we took a look at. It's adorable, nickel-plated with a razzle-dazzle red enameled finish, and can snap in half (one half for each of you) so that no matter where you are, you always have a piece of your best furry friend with you. Too cute.

The second charm was the St. Francis, lover of all creatures and protector of pets. These charms come in four colors, and we reviewed the pink and white version. The colors were lovely and soft, just like the collar. These are very delicate charms, without the sturdiness of the Best Friends charm. Enameled trim and pure silver finishes make these charms a delicate and dressy addition to their wardrobe.

If we had one thing to change, it would be the connector used on the St. Francis charm. Rather than a lobster or springring clasp, it used a simple circle similar to what you'd find on a keychain. While this fit the more delicate nature of the charm, it was incredibly tough to open and keep open long enough to place on a collar. In fact, after five minutes of struggling with the delicate piece, we accidentally snapped off the top of the charm in trying to get it on a collar. (That's why there's no photo of Merry wearing this charm.) If you buy these charms - and you should, they really are very lovely and quite unique, you don't often see St. Francis charms with this level of style and color - please make sure that you buy an additional connector from a jewelry store to connect the simple ring to a collar. (Don't make our mistake!)

The thing we love most about Luxepets' designs: they truly seem to understand the tiny pet charms. Their designs are wonderfully suited for the tiny Yorkie or cutie Chihuahua, while still scaling up to most toy breeds, like our resident pug. The scale of their products are perfect for pampered tiny pets. And that's just never a bad thing. :)

You can find out more about Luxepets from their web site at

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