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Playboy Dog Collar and Lead

When you're a diva, when you have a reputation to maintain and a fetish for all things pink, when it's all about you and not about anyone else unless they have a ball in their hands, then your reaction to packages like the one we received from The Ritzy Rover is simple.

Pink. Faux croc. Bling. and Playboy.

Yeah, baby, yeah.

Merry is just, like, so all over this collar and leash set. Some of you might remember she asked Santa for it for Christmas. And while the fuzzy bearded guy may work in mysterious ways, he does in the end live to fulfill the wishes of basically good little girls. Or so Merry now believes - which is why she's already hard at work on her 2005 letters to Santa.

[sigh] I wish I was kidding, but I'm not.

So, yes, Merry has wanted this pink faux croc "Playboy Glam" matching collar and leash set for a good long time. Long enough that you might expect those high hopes to be dashed no matter how great the reality was.

But the truth is that the collar and leash set look even better in person than in photos. Photos just don't do this set justice, although we did try our disdainful, hipster best.

The crocodile print is backed by real leather and is solid and sturdy. This is thick, good quality leather. The findings are all silver-plated and encrusted (and we do mean encrusted) with Australian crystals. The collar is accented with several official "Playboy" bunny insignias, covered in rhinestones. The buckle is thick and literally festooned with large, blingy, light-catching crystals. A dangling bunny charm, also crystal covered, hangs from the collar. And the collar fits perfectly - Merry fits right near the top of their "small" range, with a size 13 neck, and she fastens in at the second hole.

The leash is literally stunning. So often, the leash plays second fiddle to a flashy collar, but this set is meant to be well matched. The solid 4' pink croc leash has two blingy Playboy bunny charms attached (one near the hand loop and one near the base. The base itself is also silver-plated and encrusted with crystals.

When Merry and I go for a walk with this set during a sunyn afternoon, let me tell you, you can see her coming a mile away. Fans gotta wear shades to visit with the princess. It gets giggles, it gets laughs, it gets questions and comments and smooches for the princess pug from everyone who sees her in it.

An attention-getter just like the pug herself. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

Four big paws up for this collar and leash set! Merry's already asking me for the same set in the other two colors (black and red).

You can find out more about The Ritzy Rover from their web site


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