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Pink Plaid Dog Collar

Most of you know that pink is Merry's signature color. When you're a diva, can you really have a signature color other than pink? The pug's wardrobe looks like a cotton candy factory some days. A fact which delights the princess every single time she sees it. (I have to admit it - I think it's darling too.)

But oddly, she just didn't have that many pink collars. So when The Quintessential Pet sent along their plaid pink pet collar for Merry to evaluate, it was a welcome addition to the little diva's wardrobe.

Let's face it, plaid is just hot. And while tan "Burberry"-ish plaid is a very vogue style, there's something mildly masculine about it. Wearing plaids in pink is the perfect combination of urban utility and diva style.

The collar incredibly solid, with a luscious print front and leather backing. The leather is very pliable yet still retains its shape, allowing it to hug the neck without cutting into it the way so many tougher leathers will.

The hardware is nothing short of exquisite, heavy stainless steel polished to a high shine. I love it when the hardware feels heavy and solid - it gives it a much more professional feel, and it's sturdier too.

The workmanship is just, in a word, excellent. Merry loves the feel of a well made collar, and this one definitely qualifies. No loose edges, everything finished and polished. We'd buy three more of these collars without blinking.

Our favorite feature: the collar comes with an adorable disc-shaped charm (also from sturdy stainless steel) that hangs from the collar loop, with a trendy but simple bone shape embedded into the center. It's the perfect touch, particularly for such a reasonably puppy priced collar. No corners cut here.

Best of all, the diva loves the comments she gets when she's out for a walk in a pink outfit with her matching pink plaid collar. It's just to-die-for, darling.

If we had one thing to change about this product, it would be the sizing - in the larger sizes, they tend to fit big (The Quintessential Pet has assured us that this is not a problem in the smaller sizes), and Merry with a 13" neck falls right between their small and medium sizes. This collar was a medium, but she could have probably easily worn a small; the collar as pictured is fastened in the very first hole, and is still a little loose around the neck.

Still, this is easily one of our favorite collar reviews this year. Merry wants more. And to be honest, so do I. Four paws up!

You can find out more about The Quintessential Pet from their web site


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