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Pink Dog Sweaters

If you've been reading us for a while, you know that one of the pug's favorite designers is Hip Doggie dog clothing. Their charming urban chic style suits Merry's frame perfectly, and the little pug owns more than half of their collection. The other half, she asks me for every single week. :) So when we received the newest package from Hip Doggie, it's safe to say the pumpkin was one excited fashionista.

The two sweaters the company sent in: a pink Princess Hoodie and a Pink Heart Sweater.

Of course, both sweaters are pink. Can you imagine any other color more perfect for this little princess?

The first sweater, the Pink Heart Sweater, is a deliciously soft fabric, very fuzzy and warm. It's a poly/lycra blend similar to eyelash yarn that will still actually stretch around your pet's body. The silk thread applique was adorable and you can bet that the princess will be wearing it this Valentine's Day.

The second sweater - well, readers of the Merrylog will recognize it well. Merry and I are big fans of hoodie styles in general, and the pumpkin has already worn the sweater about a million times. It's wonderfully made, soft and cushy with a pink almost terry-like fabric for the main body. The puppy belly band and hood band are a knit with white, pink and silver thread with the word "Princess" in silver thread running across the band.

In other words, too, too cute!

As always, the fit and workmanship are superb. I've never had a single problem with any Hip Doggie product - they're just a little stretchy to accomodate elbows and ears while getting it on, and they smooth over Merry's little pug body perfectly. It's one of the reasons we're such fans of their designs.

But more importantly, these two sweaters are part of an entire new line by Hip Doggie (to complement their existing tee shirts and tank tops), full of sweaters and letterman jackets, that are among some of the cutest styles being made for pets today. Trust me when I say the photos don't do them justice.

As always, Hip Doggie gets four paws and a puggy kiss from the princess!

You can find out more about Hip Doggie from their web site

at Tell them Merry sent you!

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