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Product Reviews

Pet Spoons

Have you ever tried to pry dog food out of a can? Now, admittedly, the princess pug (spoiled as she is) isn't usually on canned food - she's on dried, to save my sanity during walks if you know what I mean. But on special occasions, and when the vet recommends it, she'll sometimes go on wet food for a day or a week or more.

And those tall cans? I mean, ew. Yes, I know it's still food and I do make every effort to ensure that the princess gets only well-balanced, healthy, no-by-products meals.

It just doesn't mean I want the stuff on my hands, actually.

Enter a new company out of Australia called Muttlery & Cattlery, who have perfected the fine art of feeding your pet without fuss, without muss and without getting your hands all creepy gross. With panache, even.

They sent along two of their pet spoons for us to try out. The princess, as you might expect, was very excited about the prospect of wet food and especially not on a birthday or holiday or anything!

The spoons come in two sizes - they sent me the smaller, 8.5 inch length spoons (they also come just slightly bigger than 10 inches as well for BIG dog food cans) in two different styles. One style has black paw prints snaking up the length of the spoon, the other has silver paw prints (for that polished titanim modern dog look, one assumes).

Each spoon features a longer than regular handle (essential in non-goopy dog food removal). They also have a hole at the end of the handle, so you can hang them on a peg in your cupboards if you'd prefer.

But the nicest feature of all is that flat edge along the bottom of the spoon. No more digging and scraping the bottom of the barrel (why haven't they gotten smart about spoons for humans yet? I'd love this feature for pulling the last bit of chocolate sauce out of the jar... er... never mind); this baby picks up all the food from the edges with one fell swoop.

Each pet spoon is made from quality stainless steel - presumably that means they're dishwasher friendly (I threw them in there, anyway - I'm a nut about clean utensils). And with the little paw prints speckling the spoon, you can make sure that pet utensils and human utensils stay separate, if you're worried about that sort of thing.

I think these are a super cute idea. The keeping-the-hands-clean thing is a big one with me, and also I just like the idea of the pug having her own spoon. As for Princess Meredith: well, I'm pretty sure she just wants me to load up one of these (okay, both of these) super-sized spoons with peanut butter and then leave her alone for a half hour or so with them.

Funny princess. How dumb do I look? Don't answer that. :)

You can find out more about Muttlery & Catlery from their web site at

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