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Product Reviews

Pet Shampoo and Hair Brush by Pet Head

If you're a lady and you've set foot in a salon or an upscale pharmacy in the past ten years, odds are you've heard of Bed Head, yes? They've been on the cutting edge of hairstyle for ages. And recently, the company came out with an entire line of products aimed at ourfavourite furballs under the Pet Head label.

The princess, of course, was thrilled to hear the company was sending us a package to try, because she has long believed (ahem - wrongly, I might add) that my grooming products were nicer than hers, and that cannot be allowed. Naturally.

The folks at Pet Head sent along two items for the princess' purview: Life's An Itch (skin soothing shampoo) and the Pet Head grooming brush.

The bottle design - because I have to mention it - is gorgeous, as you'd expect. Hot red (is there a hot red? absolutely. trust me), with a big silver logo and a bottle cap in the shape of a bone. Come on. So cute.

The shampoo itself contains oatmeal and aole vera, tea trea oil, wheat protein and chamomile extract to help soothe itchy skin, moisturize and condition the coat. It also contains a goodly amount of fragrance - far more so than what you would usually see for pet shampoos (since they have such sensitive noses), and it's probably my only strike against it. It's not terrible and there are likely thousands of pet owners who looove the fragrance themselves, but if you have allergies (like moi) it can be a little much to take.

The shampoo does clean well, however: it lathers up wonderfully and rinses very clean.

The brush itself is fab, and probably my fave product - it looks a bit like a girly brush, the kind you'd use on your own hair, but has an offset handle to make it easier for grooming Fifi. Plastic-tipped metal bristles, well spaced, allow for a good grooming and would be great for longer haired breeds especially.

But wait! There's more. On the left side of the brush there's a small removable plastic dog comb, perfect for grooming your dog's face without poking out her eyes. Once you're done with the comb, it snaps right back into the brush itself for easy storage. Sweet.

Particularly if you're already a big fan of Bed Head in your bathroom, this is definitely a fabulous way to get Total Bathroom Domination!

You can find out more about Pet Head or find out where to buy their products from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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