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Product Reviews

Pet Nail Trimmer

Does your pug hate getting his/her nails trimmed?

Mine, too. Sigh.

She used to squeal. Swear to God. Like a pig. She doesn't squeal so much any more but she DOES squirm, and you do NOT know how much a 17 pound pug can squirm until you try to cut its toenails. Seriously. It takes two of us sometimes to hold her enough and even then, she's moving around so much that we're terrified of hurting her.

I've tried filing her nails. Giving her treats. Doing it post-bath. Doing it when she's sleepy. I've tried the groomer. (They hate us.) I've resorted at times to having her vet cut her nails just because they, more than any other animal person, knows how to hold down a struggling animal.

And until PediPaws, honestly, I'd been close to giving up. Merry's nails are not the shortest thing about her by far. Because I hate doing them, or trying to get them done. Which means I procrastinate. Which means she gets her way more often. Which means she squirms more.

Then, the folks from PediPaws sent us one of their as-seen-on-TV nail dog trimmers.

(I have to admit: I was skeptical. I really didn't think it would work like it showed, or that the pooch would ever submit to such treatment.)

But lo and behold: Merry allows us to trim her nails this way. It's not perfect, and occasionally she still mildly squirms away. But then she lets us take her paw again. And put it up to the PediPaws trimmer again.

And her nails get shorter.

The pet trimmer works like this: inside the orange head housing is a spinning wheel. The wheel is covered by an emery-covered head. The orange housing has a small area open to slide your pet's nail into. The nail presses against the spinning emery, getting filed down very quickly.

The best part about the trimmer, in my opinion, is the fact that it doesn't need as much pressure or precision as clippers to work properly. This means you can have a looser grip on your pet's paw, as opposed to trimming with clippers where you need to hold their paw very still. You can just nudge up the nail to be trimmed with your thumb, press the PediPaws up against the end of the nail, and boom - insto presto, shorter nails.

There's a decently sized gap between the housing and the emery wheel. In Merry's case, it means I don't really have to worry about filing too low and nailing her quick because her nail literally just won't go in that far. (If you have a VERY tiny animal (under 3lbs), this product may not work - if you have a much larger animal, you'll still want to be careful about "quicking" them. The web site has a great set of instructions on how to use the product.)

The PediPaws kit comes with four emery wheels. Now, sure, they'll wear down eventually and you'll need another (be sure you're inspecting the wheel EVERY time before you use it). Luckily, the web site also sells kits of 10 replacement heads at a time. The company suggests you'll get about a month of use out of each wheel.

If I had one thing to change about the product, it would be this: it takes two "C" batteries. Sigh. These are not very useful, very common batteries and, in this neck of the woods at least, C batteries are hard to get in rechargeables (though you can find them online). What would make this product better is an embedded battery that is rechargeable and/or an AC power hookup. It would also make the thing considerably lighter!

But in the end, it doesn't matter what kind of batteries PediPaws takes. I'm keeping the thing, it's mine mine mine, and there will ALWAYS be a PediPaws in my house as long as I have pets. Case closed. You can get your own, though... and I cannot highly recommend enough that you do. Four (newly trimmed) paws WAY up!

You can find out more about PediPaws from their web site at

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