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Product Reviews

Pet Grooming Products

Oh, to have the life of this little diva. Primped and pampered at every turn, a bevy of clothing, beds, collars and toys at your disposal, only the very best treats and bottled water to eat and drink, sleeping in Mom's lap every afternoon while she works, and to top it all off: delicately and naturally perfumed spa products to keep your coat and skin among the softest we've ever felt.

Not to mention your own personal groomer (a.k.a. Mom) who rubs these potions and unguents into your skin for you, like an Egyptian princess.

Merry, like Aphrodite before her, was therefore thrilled to get the package of Pal Dog products from Juno's Garden so we could get down to a serious spa day, just us girls.

Two shampoos were included. The first, an Adult formula, contains herbs (including lavender) proven to soothe and protect your dog's skin and coat. The gentle plant-based cleansers and herbs prevent over-drying. The lavender helps to calm your active puppy. The second, a Rosemary & Mint formula, stimulates healing and regeneration of the coat and skin. Merry liked both, but the Rosemary & Mint really made her smell wonderful. We'll be using it often.

Our favorite was the Freshen-Up Spray. It's perfect for those in-between bath times, just-before-guest times, or any other time the baby needs a little pick-me-up between baths. Made from a fresh-scented blend of aloe vera, rosemary, calendula and other natural ingredients, it surprisingly has a great odor-removing ability (no need to douse in heavy perfumed product in order to smell clean!). But the best part for us was the size of the bottle: a full 8 ounces. It's always such a pet peeve to see the instructions on between-bath spray read "Spray generously on the coat" but have the instructions printed on a teeny-weeny bottle that is therefore only going to last you a half-a-dozen uses.

All of the Pal Dog products from Juno's Garden are soap-free, DEA free, Ph balanced specifically for pets shampoo, and use natural herbs and plant extracts to help clean your pet without dousing them with chemicals. That gets two thumbs up from us, all on its own.

Even better, the products are biodegradable and the containers are recyclable. Nothing wrong with helping out the earth a little while making your dog all shiny. :)

Merry and I really enjoyed the products, and I think we'll be picking up more of the Freshen-Up Spray for travelling!

You can find out more about Pal Dog products from the web site


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