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Product Reviews

Personalized Wrought Iron Leash Holder

We've reviewed hundreds of products here at Pampered Puppy over the years, but one product we've never really tried our hand at is dog leash holders. When the folks at Pets Unleashed (ha!) contacted us and wanted to send in a sample for us to review, we jumped at the chance.

For one thing (as those of you with diva pugs already know), having your name in wrought iron is almost as good as having it in lights... or at least will tide the furball over, until Hollywood comes a' calling.

The leash holder is 8 inches long with two hooks. This particular leash holder is unique in that its size is directly dictated by your pooch's name; Merry's a svelte five characters, but had we gone with her full name (Meredith) it would have been 12 inches long with four hooks! That's kind of cool; you can craft for yourself how big a leash holder you want based on how many characters you request (they'll even take custom orders for > 10 characters).

I liked that the hooks were "grown-up" sized. No teeny metal hooks here, which is great for us because we use an extensible leash so often and I hate not having enough room on the hook to put the whole handle. They also swing "up" a fair amount - an inch or two - from the bottom which means slippery leashes or bulky retractable handles won't slip off.

The text used is a simple block font that is easy to read and won't clash with most decor.

Constructed from 1/4 inch steel and painted a decor-friendly flat black, the leash holder are easy to attach to the wall or back of a wood door with mounting screws (included in the package).

I really liked the feel of it - sturdy, weighty without being too heavy; it felt solid and unbendy and like it would take a lot of abuse (in my world, that's a good thing - I can be tough on my home decor sometimes).

If you're looking for a simple, elegant leash holder without fuss - and one you can customize to yourfurkid - I can highly recommend the ones by Pets Unleashed!

You can find out more about Pets Unleashed from their web site at

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