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Gilded China Dish and Treat Jar

Oh, darling, it's just not about the meal. Gourmet food used to be a rare and precious thing, but now it's just as common as pink doggie tee shirts. Don't get us wrong - it's still all about the shaved white truffle atop a really well executed homemade doggie meal. But if you're truly going to be luxurious, ma petite, you simply must step it up a notch.

Have we found the ideal way to personify elegannt dining? Really, really "put on the hog", as they say? We have indeed - thanks to GW Little's personalized gilded china dish and treat jar.

The set is simply fabulous. A deliciously executed white china dog bowl, perfectly sized for most small breeds, with a 6" diameter. It holds about 3/4 cup of food or just a wee bit more of water. Features a hand painted gilded 24K gold trim and comes personalized with your pet's name (also in 24K gold) using your choice of one of three typefaces.

The matching treat jar is adorned with an adorable bone on top and a pawprint on the side, and holds a generous 3+ cups of treats or food. As with the bowl, both features are hand painted in 24K gold.

(Platinum is also available - match your decor.)

The workmanship on this set is nothing short of exquisite. In our three years of reviewing luxury dog products, we've never seen a dining set with this kind of panache. It's enough to make a dog drool - not that we'd ever be so uncouth as to do so.

And looks! Oh, my, we love the way this set looks. It glints. It glistens. It shouts to the world that the most distinguished, most adored, most deserving furkid in all creation dines here, and you'd better not forget it.

The typeface choices are wonderfully elegant. Merry's set was personalized with the Edwardian typeface, but the Beckett (very Old English) and Harrington (very Art Nouveau) are lovely as well. Professionally painted, the personalization quality definitely matches the rest of the set's design.

What we loved best about the set: they're elegant enough to actually serve your pet at the table, or at the foot of the dining table during special occasions - birthdays, holidays and the like. The princess so enjoys perching on a well stuffed dining room chair and daintily picking out bits of food from her dish like the rest of the grownups at the table!

We just can't say enough about this fabulous set. Merry's sense of entitlement has grown tenfold since dining from its fine gilded surfaces, and that's saying a lot for a princess pug.

In her words: delicious, darling.

You can find out more about GW Little from their web site at

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