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Product Reviews

Personalized Dog Treats

When you're a spoiled little diva dog (and make no mistake of it - this princess definitely fits the bill), you get a lot of treats. You might even say that your entire little existence revolves around treats, play, belly rubbins, and long lazy naps. Well, in between photo shoots and meeting and greeting her public, anyway.

It tends to make you pickier, with this kind of exposure to such a variety of gourmet treats. It also tends to make the really unique products - those that only come your way once in a blue moon - stand out all the more.

The princess was definitely impressed by the package sent in by My Dog's Bakery, a company who specializes in personalized dog treats in a way we've never seen before. An entire box of custom bones was just waiting for the princess to enjoy.

The bones are called Doggie PhotoTreats™ and they feature a fully-colored, fully edible photo of your dog (or another picture of your choice) on the treat itself. Each photo is framed with piped carob powder and customized with little touches on the surface of the bone to truly create a little piece of edible art.

The edible paper on the photo is printed on is made primarily from natural tapioca and the inks are FDA approved food coloring. (We're totally caught between a sigh of relief - that the foods aren't too bad for pets - and a whole geeky "cool!" response, because seriously, printing on tapioca with food dies in a photorealistic way is just, really, way, cool.)

The bones themselves are made from healthy, human-grade ingredients and use no preservatives. Currently, only two flavors are available: Roast Beef & Potato, and Alaskan Salmon. But the company is working hard at new offerings for later in the year.

As you can see, the company chose some of Merry's favorite shots from the Merrylog and used those as the basis for the customized bones for the princess. They also kindly included a couple of hugely adorable official Pampered Puppy bones, complete with a few tiny renderings of our famous pink heart-shaped paw trademark. We think it would be a fabulous idea for promotion, particularly for trade shows or even to sell to the public. Anyone for Pampered Puppy bones? :)

And as you can see, the princess duly gobbled up one of the Pampered Puppy bones lickety-split (in fact, we had to keep pulling it away from her to get a good shot, because it was being wolfed down too quickly!).

Honestly, this is some of the most unique and fabulous treats for pets we've ever seen. Not for everyday, certainly, but for special occasions, this is a brilliant choice for the pet who has everything. Four paws way, way up!

You can find out more about My Dog's Bakery from their web site at

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