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Personalized Crystal Dog Collars

Once upon a time, a pug was born. She was cute - maybe a little cuter than her littermates. But she was a country girl. She grew up on a farm and didn't even see a city for the first time until she was 4 months old. But from the moment she hit the big city, she knew she was destined for bigger things. Sparkly things, too; in fact, her very first sweater was purple with silver sparkles.

Oh yes.

So when we received the package of personalized, rhinestone dog collars from Two Poodles and Me and opened it up to find purple... well, we knew that we were in for a fun review.

First up, the real showpiece of the package: the hot lilac metallic customizable dog collar (the Bling II). (Say that five times fast.) It's a wider collar than we've reviewed before - about 1 1/4" inch wide. Luckily, the whole thing isn't that wide, just the front piece; the collar tapers on both ends to a much more manageable (and easier to do up!) 1/2 inch. The entire collar features silver hardware and is riveted in two places to ensure that it all stays together nicely.

Let's get to the cool part, though: each collar comes with not one, not two, but three interchangeable "bling strips". What's a bling strip? Easy - it's where you put the bling. The three bling strips come in different widths to accomodate different types of slide-on rhinstone (or metal) letters and charms: the widest fits 18mm charms, the middle size fits 13mm charms and the smallest fits 10mm charms.


In the first two photos, Merry's showing off her very blingiest with the widest bling strip and the word Merry in full-on crystal topped off with a pink rhinestone heart. When I say this photo doesn't do the set justice, I really mean it - this thing sparkles. Like, notice you halfway down the street sparkles. The princess LOVES these largest of letters and encourages everyone we meet to pat her and make sure they check out her bling.

The second set of photos show off the two smaller bling strips; you'll also note that in the left photo, Merry's also sporting a blingified script M hanging from the riveted center d-ring on the leash. You know, in case this much sparkle is not enough. (The princess hastens to assure you that NO AMOUNT OF SPARKLE IS ENOUGH. Just like food. Thank you.) The photo on the right shows the less-blingy plain block letters with a couple of other decorative options - a heart and a crown, both in pink sparkle. Natch.

I love the solidity and flexible styling of this dog collar. It's incredibly well made - the rivets are a wonderful touch - and the bling strips, while a little fiddly to get on and off, give you far more options in your day to day collar wear than you'd normally have; it's like three collars in one!

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