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Pearl Necklace

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend (and hey, we wouldn't turn down a diamond or two), but nothing says timeless elegance like pearls. We don't know if it's the lustre, the shape... but when a woman wears pearls, she just oozes class. Brings to mind Audrey Hepburn movies, fine china, elegant crystal, and silk.

Or maybe that's just us! But we digress.

The princess pug has always been of the mind (and we can hear your shock from here) that there's no such thing as too many sets of pearls. They're just so versatile, darling, and one deliciously spoiled pug shouldn't have to limit herself to a single set.

That's why Princess Meredith was so overjoyed to receive her sample package from Silver Bones - a strand of Fresh Water Cultured Pearls in white.

From the moment you open the package, you know that these pearls Mean Business. They have a wonderful weight to them, solid and smooth, that makes you want to dash to the mirror to put them on and admire them. (And that's exactly what we did.)

The pearls themselves aren't perfectly round, but very slightly oval, and they have a beautifully warm lustre to them. The necklace itself is very strong indeed and, while flexible, holds its shape beautifully while worn.

The findings are stunning as well - a bone toggle that's large and sturdy enough to make you feel as though this necklace is built to last. All findings are sterling silver.

The pet necklaces are available in a wide range of sizes from 7" to 24" - enough to fit a great range of furkids. (We love it when that happens.)

We just loved these pearls! Of all the sets we've reviewed, this is definitely one of the finest quality. Exquisite work, well worth the money if you're looking to spoil your little princess.

You can find out more about Silver Bones from their web site at

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