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Product Reviews

Pawlish Nail Polish For Dogs

Nail polish for dogs. I have to admit, I was skeptical. Merry is a very active puppy and relatively sturdy-looking, so I wasn't sure she could carry it off. Not to mention the fact that she squirms so much, it might be nearly impossible for her to stay still long enough in order to actually have her nails painted.
The diva princess would present my greatest challenge.
When we received our package from OPI (the company that manufactures Pawlish), Merry sniffed at is cautiously as I pulled out nailpolish remover, remover pads, and six different bottles of Pawlish. The diva princess was too hyper to try it right then. I planned my attack carefully.
I waited until a lazy Saturday afternoon when the princess pug was napping. Carefully I went about placing treats, nailpolish and remover and pads on the dining room table. Somewhere halfway through this the princess arose and totted over to see what I was doing. I offered her a treat, and made her stretch high to get it. Once she was stretched, I made my move, lifting her into my arms and sitting at the table so I could settle her in my lap, belly and paws sticking out.
We had a few moments of panic when she thought I would clip her nails, but surprisingly once she figured out the polish didn't hurt, she stopped squirming and let me paint her nails a dazzling purple.
It dried pretty quickly—only a minute or two—during which time I kept the princess occupied with treats and a good rub behind the ears. Since she loves being the centre of attention, she didn't mind too much.


The colors are fabulous, and the purple looked just lovely on her. OPI kindly sent along their full colour range - Poodle Pink, Bow Wow Green, Mutt's New Purple, Fire Hydrant Red, Yuppy Puppy Silver, and Doghouse Blues.
More importantly, the princess seemed delighted by her new nails. Or maybe I was just that more aware of her tiny paws as she pranced around the room. It was surprising how cute the purple looked on her.
The polish stood up to the princess' harshest tests, including skidding along my wood floors in pursuit of a ball, running in crazy circles outside, and taking long walks in the city. And the polish remover and pads worked like a charm when it was time to give up the purple nails.
Pawlish is safe for pets to lick once it is dry - you should keep the products from eyes or mouths while the polish is still wet. The dog polish remover and pads should also be kept out of reach. If you should get a little polish on their fur, I recommend dipping a cotton swab in the remover and dabbing at the area until the polish is removed.
Would I paint her nails every day? Probably not, but for special occasions I'll definitely use the polish again.
Every princess should have a lovely set of nails.
OPI products, including the Pawlish line, are only carried in select stores and salons.
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