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Doggie Spa Set

Article Author: Dog Grooming - A Merryvaluation

Nothing more fun for a princess than a day at the spa. People fussing all over her, rubbing her down with sweet-smelling fragrances is the little bit's idea of heaven (well, other than shopping for new diva-y clothing, that is).

She was doubly excited then to find out that we were reviewing another spa package this month, this time from Cain & Able Collection!

First, the packaging is adorably cute. The spa set comes in a trendy wire basket (perfect for storing Merry's grooming products) and features a Conditioning Shampoo, All Natural Between Baths Spritz, and an adorable bone-shaped Soap on a Rope. The set, to Merry's delight, also comes with a tiny rubber ducky, perfect for combining playtime and bath time. It was a struggle to keep the duck in good enough condition (aka sans teeth marks) for the photos; shortly after the photos were taken, Merry had her way with this new chew toy in the bathtub.

Second, these are all-natural products. Citronella, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils are infused in all of their products. That means that a) Merry doesn't balk at the scents, b) the scents are light and engaging enough to give her a sweet fresh smell and c) I can feel comfortable knowing that she's using healthy products with aromatherapy benefits.

The shampoo was very light and gentle, getting the princess clean without heavy soapy residues that take forever to wash out. The soap on a rope was just plain fun - and sweet-smelling, with its infusion of peppermint leaves. Honestly, I had no idea how handy it was to have a "handle" on a bar of soap when scrubbing a squirmy little princess down! But we learned quickly.

And as always, we loved the between bath spritz. I love being able to give Merry a bit of "freshening up" between baths; I also find that these gentle scents (particularly the lavender) help to calm her down when she's been excited and playing for hours.

This is an adorable pet spa package that would make a great gift for any doggie or doggie owner!

You can find out more about Cain & Able Collection from their web site

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