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Cake Dog Bed & Bling Dog Collar by The Ritzy Rover

Article Author: Dog Beds & Dog Collars Review - A Merryvaluation

When you're a princess, you have to set some priorities in your life. Doubly so if you're a model princess aspiring writer pug with an adoring public, an obsession with fetch, an addiction to treats and a desire to lick the entire planet.

Merry has categorized her priorities thusly:

  1. Looking good.
  2. Fetch and food.
  3. Lounging like a pug sloth.


The princess was therefore thrilled to realize that this month's package from The Ritzy Rover would help her with not only one but two of her top three priorities. :)


First, the Chocolate Peonies Cake Bed. I'll be honest. I'd seen the photos of this bed for a while, and while I agreed with the moniker "cake" bed, it sure didn't really look that comforable - in fact, I was convinced the bed was made out of a single piece of cut foam.

I couldn't have been more wrong, as you can see here from the photos. These cake beds are absolutely delicious - to sleep on. Some of the most decadently deep lounging I've ever seen in a dog bed, in fact. The gusset is a full 8" deep and the bed is thickly padded with padded foam pieces with incredible loft. If your pet loves a lot of padding, this is the bed you've been looking for.

The design is spectacular (the princess and I both have been long time fans of a paired color scheme of chocolate brown and pink), with the stylishly modern "DOG" embroidered in pink silky thread around the gusset, and a pink peony silkscreened into the center of the bed. The bottom of the bed is from the same thick cotton material as the rest of the bed, but minus any silkscreening.

The cover unzips and is machine washable, as is the interior pillow. I'd probably recommend washing the cover inside out to protect the embroidery and silkscreening, and to hang dry.

I'll tell you a secret: the cake bed is so spectacular, so quickly becoming our favourite of all round beds, that Merry is already whispering in my ear that she'd like another. I just cannot say enough good things about this bed.

The other item that The Ritzy Rover kindly sent along was a Bling Skins Tangerine Dog Collar with matching lead. When it comes to looking good (and blingy!) you just can't do any better than this set.

The collar and leash are both backed with leather and covered in a faux snakeskin in a brilliant tangerine color (this set is also available in lime green and hot pink). Every two inches on the collar is a bone-shaped pendant fastened directly onto the snakeskin and adorned with dozens of Australian crystals. The buckle, too, is encrusted with crystals and the leash loop features a dangling bone pendant also (you guessed it) glittering with crystals. The matching leash hardware also features bone crystal pendants and a jewel-encrusted quick-release latch.

This is a seriously bling-y set.

The collar is the perfect width - 3/4 inch, and fit perfectly with room to spare. The craftsmanship is incredible -- this set is completely worth the blingy price tag. And as you can see, the princess is completely in her element showing off the set.

Amazing products once again from The Ritzy Rover! Four paws, two mommy hands, way way up!

You can find out more about The Ritzy Rover from their web site at

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