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Necklaces for Dogs

Always wipe your paws before entering someone's home. Never wear white collars after Labor Day. Never wear doggie boots lighter in color than your coat.

These are just a few of the life lessons a princess pug must dedicate herself to learning.

And one of the ten commandments of doggie divadom: accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

When Merry and I received our care package from Dogs and the City, an Australian shop and designer of luxe doggie jewelry, we were thrilled to see not one, not two, but three new necklaces to add to the diva's lounging-around-in-pearls lifestyle.

The first necklace pictured is called Opera, and is shown in Lilac (also comes in ivory pearls). Faux lilac pearls and tiny crystal beads surround the neck, with hand-strung drops of pearls every inch or so. This is no shrinking violet - the lilac is strong and makes for a delicious splash of color.

The second necklace, Crystal Gazing Amethyst, is a riot of reddish color with crystal beads and rondelles mixed with fossil beads. It's a great, chunky, colorful necklace, particularly for the summer.

The third necklace was the most simple and classic: Party Pearls in Ivory, a collection of faux ivory pearls, czech crystals and metal spacers. It's great for a dressier look, and works wonderfully for any fur tone.

The workmanship in these necklaces was excellent. Each necklace is hand strung on nylon coated stainless steel jewellery wire with base metal findings for strength and durability. Every necklace Dogs and the City makes comes with a sterling Dogs and the City tag which is engraveable with your dog's name and contact details, if you like. They also have a wonderful weight to them, without being too heavy - you know you've bought something of quality, but don't have to worry that you're overburdening your wee one.

Every necklace is available in a variety of lengths from 20 cm (about 7.8 inches) to 50cm (just under 20 inches), so there's something to fit most dogs unless you're getting up into Great Dane territory. Make sure you pay attention to the exchange rate when you buy, since these necklaces are priced in Australian Dollars. (You get more bang for your buck when buying in Australia!)

Merry loved the new necklaces, and I was relieved that the quality of these was high - you need a sturdy necklace indeed to take on an active pug every day, but these necklaces fit the bill!

You can find out more about Dogs and the City from their web site


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