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Product Reviews

Natural Meat Treats

Pugs are always hungry. (And that, dear readers, is the understatement of the year.) This is why so many of them are roly-poly-puggies, because they are literally the World's. Best. Beggars.


So, in order to keep our princess happy yet still svelte enough to model armloads of pink clothing, we often feed her veggies. And the pug LOVES veggies. All kinds. Especially cauliflower.

But if you were ever in doubt about whether pugs are carnivores, all you have to do is watch the pug with the natural meat dog treats sent in by Momofood for the princess's delectation.

It took us the better part of a half hour to do the photo shoot for this Merryvaluation. Oh, yes. It called on every skill we'd ever taught the pug about "Stay" and "No..." to get her to stay still and not attack the plates and bowls long enough to shoot the food on it.

To be fair, it's not all the pug's fault. The treats are incredibly yummy - a collection of jerky-like dried meats: Wild Salmon, Non-Medicated Chicken or Beef Livers, Organic Buffalo, Lean Beef. They must smell incredible to dogs, because Merry was sniffing audibly from the moment we opened the treats (you could hear her in the next room, folks, just from sniffing).

The treats also adhere very well to our beliefs in a healthy treat for dogs. They're completely natural and healthy and nearly all treat styles are from single protein sources. Every single package (which comes customized with your dog's name on them - cute) has the list of ingredients printed clearly on it, and it's always a short list. Momofood uses no fillers, salts, spices, attractants, or preservatives.

Each and every treat comes from not just "human grade" meats but are either grade AA, Organic, Free Range, or (in the case of the salmon) wild caught. This keeps all the natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes intact. Chicken and Salmon jerkies include the bone ground into the meat to add calcium. Since they're vaccuum packed, the treats have a shelf life of at least 6 months (refrigeration is recommended - in a baggie - after opening, and should last another month or two in the fridge).

Yes, yes, all very healthy, but how do they taste? The princess pug went seriously wild for these treats. We were occasionally thinking about a restraining harness. And the drool! Well actually, our princess does not drool. She froths. But we've never seen her froth quite so much as at these treats. It took some prying to get them away from her.

We can safely say the treats are yummy. :)

If we had one thing to change: we'd like to see the packaging be a bit more upscale, in keeping with the upscale notion of these treats. They're just simple clear plastic vaccum packs with a printed label, right now - and while we do realize that this doesn't affect the taste one bit, it can affect perceptions and keep folks from trying these incredibly wonderful treats! (We're jonesing for a cute paper box to hold the plastic pack, but that's just us...)

Want to drive your wee one crazy? We highly recommend Momofood's treats.

You can find out more about Momofood from their web site at

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