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Doggie Jewelry

Article Author: Dog Jewelry - A Merryvaluation

Merry is a diva. Those of you who frequent Pampered Puppy know this all too well. Nothing a diva likes better than fashionable clothes and the finest jewelry (other than the attention of her fans, of course).

Merry was in for quite a treat when we received our Merryvaluation package from Bijoux Four Paws, a company that specializes in hand-crafted sterling silver jewelry for dogs. We were both very impressed by the designer box wrapped in a black satin ribbon that held a large velvet jewelry box.

What was inside literally blew us away. A stunning handcrafted sterling silver necklace with an engraved heart-shaped pendant nestled inside (picture, above), as well as a smaller crystal heart-shaped pendant (picture, left). The engraved pendant, of course, bore Merry's name.

One of the things we enjoyed the most about the necklace was the fact that you could adjust the length. Worn loosely, it looked like a standard necklace. But if I fastened the necklace a little more snugly, the necklace would allow for a short drop with the pendant hanging at the end. Charming.

Honestly, the necklace went on Merry immediately and she wore it the rest of the day, much to her fans' delight. We got so many comments on her new necklace you would have thought she was a movie star. It was a proper weight, as well, so it nestled nicely around her neck and hung straight.

The smaller crystal pendant looked charming hung from her necklace, but honestly, I ended up popping it on her harness instead for when we went for long walks. It added a lovely dressy look to her black harness.

The workmanship and packaging on these products were superb. I will enjoy watching as Bijoux Four Paws extends its product line. Imagine the possibilities, Merry says!

You can find out more about Bijoux Four Paws from their web site at

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