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Product Reviews

Multicolored Pet Necklace

Every little girl loves pretty and shiny things. Jewelry is not only frosting, it's a way for little girls to express their personalities and their moods. (It's also a great way to pull together a smashing outfit, Merry reminds me.)

No little girl loves shiny things more than my own. I swear the pug can never be allowed in Tiffany's (does Tiffany's allow dogs?); my checkbook would be cleaned out by the time we left.

This is why the princess pug was dancing on her back legs over the package we received from Confetti Pearls. The set contained a stunning dog necklace, along with matching mommy bracelet and earrings (not shown).

The pearls are real freshwater pearls, not dyed or painted. Every single pearl in the necklace is individually linked by hand with sterling silver wire, on sterling chain. The necklace fastens with a lobster clasp to adjust for the size of your pet's neck.

Because each pearl is fastened separately, the necklace is lovely and loose without being insecure. EAch pearl falls just a little differently, giving a wonderful frame for your dog's neck.

Merry's set came in a stunning lime green, light blue and brilliant magenta combination (as did the matching bracelet and earrings for Mommy), and the colors are just too perfect for this time of year as lime green is showing up more and more in "two-legged" fashions. The company makes a huge variety of color combinations including a few all-white pearl combinations that are simply beautiful.

We were very impressed by the workmanship, weight, and quality of the set. It's sturdy enough to withstand the running around of a playful pug, but elegant enough to take them to dinner wearing the set.

An all-round excellent set of jewelry. Merry is now bugging me for another set. ;)

You can find out more about Confetti Pearls by e-mailing

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