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Mommy & Me Dog Jewelry

Every girl likes jewelry. Honestly. Don't you remember your first jewelry box - satin lining, funny plinky music, little plastic ballerina turning round and round whenever you opened the box? And how that little ballerina always seemed to get broken or go missing, because you were too busy looking at all your pretty jewelry all the time?

(Never mind that in those days it was mostly about tacky dime store stuff... our tastes have definitely improved since then!)

What I'm saying is: it's still all about the jewelry. And what's more fun than fabulous sterling silver jewelry for your dog? That's easy - matching sterling silver jewelry for you and your dog.

Contained in a small elegant black box from the folks at Ashley & Co., Merry and I found a charming matched sterling silver pawprint set for us to evaluate. The pooch half of the set consists of their Signature Small Pet Collar Charm in Sterling Silver; the half for me (yay! It's not often I get goodies for me) was their Signature Large Paw Pendant in Sterling Silver.

The pet charm is darling; very lightweight despite its decently large size - that's thanks to a very open design. The signature pawprint charm is made from .925 sterling silver and is just over a 1/2 an inch wide by 1/2 an inch tall.

The charm connects to collars by a simplified version of an oval lobster claw clasp. The clasp is relatively small, which makes it perfect for teacups and smaller collar designs. However, if you lean towards a chunkier style of collar, you may want to check to ensure the d-ring of your pooch's collars will actually fit into the clasp - we found several of Merry's chunkier collars had too large a d-ring to accommodate the tiny clasp. Not to worry: if all of your collars are chunky, the company does offer a larger version of their charm with a larger clasp.

We loved the simplicity and elegance of this charm. Plus, its light weight and lack of bling-y bits to come loose makes it absolutely perfect as an everyday collar charm.

The matching necklace for Mommy was also gorgeous. This charm was larger - about twice the size of the version for the pooch - and featured the same clasically simple paw design. And like the charm, the pendant is made from .925 sterling silver.

The pendant comes on a very lightweight 18 inch flat cable chain that comes with a standard spring ring style clasp. It's long enough to ensure that the pendant won't get hidden by most hairstyles but instead will come out front and center.

I really found the paw design was simple and elegant enough to be perfect for everyday wear, just like the pug. Its elegance has drawn a number of nice comments when I've been out and around in it.

Best of all for me, since I haven't really worn a lot of large jewelry around my neck before: it's lightweight enough that you can completely forget that it's on. That's a great thing - means it becomes a part of you rather than something large and chunky you're hauling around. :)

Two paws and two thumbs up for this Mommy & Me set from Ashley & Co! Great idea, great execution.

You can find out more about Ashley & Co. from their web site at

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