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Modern Raised Dog Feeders

I've been in love with modern design ever since I was a little girl. My Mom was a rampant (and I do mean rampant) magazine collector of all things Interior Design and that meant lots of sleek lines, sexy curves, delightful materials and essentially a love for form that worked its way into my brain at a young age. I think I knew about waterfall tables before I learned about training bras. It's continued with me to this day - I can't stop myself from looking around modern furniture stores, drooling.

True story. It's a wonder I haven't wrecked the furniture.

Anyway, this is the main reason I've been in love with Vurv's line of pet products literally for years. They have a deeply sexy modern feel to them (just like those waterfall tables Mom showed me years ago) with lots of clean lines and curves.

So when the folks at Vurv sent us one of their Wowo raised dog feeders to evaluate, you can bet yer booties we said heck yeah with whipped cream on top.

The Wowo raised feeder comes in a variety of finishes; we were lucky enough to get a bamboo finish sent along for review. And four different size options ensure that every pooch can have its Wowo and eat at it too; Merry's version is a size medium, which means 22 inches long, with a six inch rise from the floor.

Need I say how sexy this looks in person? I suppose I must, because the photos at right just don't do this piece justice. Two high quality, softly rounded stainless steel bowls are nestled into a gorgeously curved raised stand. Each piece is individually crafted and finished with, in this case, a bamboo laminate. The underside of the feeder is a solid white high-pressure glossy laminate.

We loved the attention to detail, too: tiny feet on both sides of the "foot" of the feeder ensure it won't mark or scratch your expensive kitchen flooring.

But mostly we were blown away on feel and style. Style, obviously, with the lovely curved form. But feel too - this is one solid, durable, sleekly made piece of pet furniture. This feels like something you'd buy at a high-end modern furnishings store (just like the ones I love to drool in) featured beside, say, an Eames chair and a fabulous Jonathan Adler rug. The workmanship is absolutely wonderful and I wish I could invite you all over here to touch and feel it - just to see what I mean.

How'd it stack up in doggie-ness? Perfectly. The dog bowls were a good size, not too deep, and I really liked the softly curved edges for the bowls (no harsh edges for these feeders). The rise (6" for this size dog feeder) was perfect for Merry - not too high or too low, as you can see her spine's almost perfectly straight as she feeds.

She also likes the look because, hey, a princess should have well-designed dining tables, shouldn't they?

It is, quite frankly, the nicest pet feeder we've ever reviewed. I have already started my doggy owner friends drooling by telling them that if they're going to buy a new feeder, this is it - don't even think about anything else if they like modern design and want good quality. And I'll say the same to you:

If you love sleek design, and want excellent quality for your home, I can't think of a better option for you than the Wowo pet feeder by Vurv. Spread the word.

You can find out more about Vurv from their web site at

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