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Modern Dog Feeder

The best thing about modern furniture and design is how much fun it is. Even if your home tends more to the traditional, modern decor is just plain fun to look at, fun to explore, and its deliciously clean lines can be like a balm in this hyper-go-go-go world.

The trouble, of course, is that if you have a modern home, it requires a bit more digging around to find a dog feeder that will suit Fido's needs without compromising your excellent esthetic tastes.

It's why we were so excited when Trendy Pet sent along their 8" tall modern dog feeder with two 1 quart bowls.

First, the thing is seriously sweet. Waterfalls have been hot in modern design for - you'll pardon the pun - a dog's age. And we never get tired of them. The flowing curved lines are delicious.

Second, they're practical. You can't get much more practical for the modern home than white (although a limited edition of black is available). But don't despair if you've got a messy eater at home. The feeders are constructed from a durable material called celtec. It's water resistant, easy to clean, and doesn't stain easily. We put it through the two week Merry stress test, and every time, no matter what she had to eat (berry juice springs to mind at one point), a quick wipe set everything back to rights.

Third, they're versatile - available in heights from 4" to 28", with one, two or three bowls. In addition to the classic waterfall style, there's also a "Forms" style that is slightly more complex (though still modern). And the company proudly discusses its custom built feeders as well, taken by request to help out households with special feeding needs, like super-tall dogs, cat-and-dog homes, or messy eaters.

Merry and I were thrilled with the feeder set, and it's become her everyday bowls in our kitchen. The simple white complemented my white and red kitchen without a hitch, and the little princess gets comments all the time from visitors who are impressed with the fancy "dining table" she's got. :)

We loved this feeder, and are waiting on pins and needles to see what the brilliant Trendy Pet comes out with next!

Four paws way up!

You can find out more about Trendy Pet from their web site at

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