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Product Reviews

Modern Dog Bed

The average dog bed was really not designed with the modern decor lover in mind, you know?

I know this because my mom has been a modern decor lover for, well, my entire life. And I've - as you can well imagine - seen more than my share of dog beds. And dog beds that would actually not just fit in with her decor but actually complement it are few and far betweeen.

That is, until the Neko Habitat bed arrived for us to test.

Called The Wave, this bed is stunning in its simplicity. The frame seems to be made from thick and flawless acrylic bent into shape to create a modern flair and provide a platform for your pet to sleep on. The platform has a small stainless steel foot in the centre to provide extra support. Atop this flowing line of (in this case, charcoal) color and form is a slender two-sided pillow; elegant upholstered fabric on one side, and fun faux fur on the other.

Everything is color coordinated to match your decor; we're really partial to the "Smoke & Pewter" mix that you see pictured, but the company also has red, green, and blue combinations if that's what makes your skirt fly up.

Now. Most of you who read our reviews know that we're all about the cushy. And yes, yes we are. We like to see real inches of cush between our pup's tush and the ground - and you won't get that here. This is all about sleek and elegance and you'd never find down-filled seats inside of a Ferrari, either. The solution is simple, either way: if your pup demands cush, either add a different pillow to this design or give them what they want and simply drool over the well made modernity that is the Neko Habitat bed.

If we had one thing to change about this design, it would be the addition of a no-slip sheet of fabric that sits between the (highly polished acrylic) bed and the (very slippery and sleek) pillow. Every time Merry jumped off the bed the first day of testing, the pillow went flying. It was easily resolved on day 2 with a small cutout piece of rubberized fabric slipped between the bed and frame. But for the simplicity, elegance, and cost of these beds... I'd really like to see it included. Perhaps with a more elegant solution than my own!

Still, for sheer style and well constructed lounging, you can't go wrong with the Neko Habitat. These beds are enough to make you want an entire loft full of modern furniture and a wicked espresso maker for your kitchen.

Well, maybe that last part's just me.

You can find out more about Neko Habitat or find out where to buy their products from their web site at

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