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Mod Aqua Pillow Dog Bed

If you're trying to put together a modern home, one that's stylish and subtle and simple and full of light and little touches of color, it can be tough to find a dog bed that fits all of those requirements.

Dog beds are often about the dog (practical, but rarely attractive) or about the "personality" of the dog - pink or racecars or ladybugs. It's not easy, sometimes, to find a bed that's all about you - your love for a modern look, a simple style, while still being comfy and useful for the beloved four-footed member of the family.

Luckily, Lexie Lew's got you covered. They sent along for us to review one of their classic round pillow style beds, and we're in modern-design-livin' luv.

Let's talk about the colors because I'm sooo crushing on the colors. Turqoise is just hot, hot, hot as an accent color - I was recently drooling over a yummy sofa in this exact shade at a lovely modern furniture store just last month. But mixed with chocolate? That's like mixing... chocolate and peanut butter. Chocolate and strawberries. Chocolate and more chocolate.

I guess what I'm saying is: you can't ever go wrong mixing a vibrant color (turquoise, pale green, pale pink) with chocolate.

(That may just be my cocoa bean cravings talking. But you know what I mean.)

The bottom of the bed is covered with a simple turqoise broadcloth. Both top and bottom are 100% cotton. But the top includes one other feature that will be heaven-sent to the snuggly pooch: a built-in burrowing pocket (think of it like an attached "blankie" or pseudo-sleeping bag that lets your pooch snuggle up and get comfy).

I have to add that some of the other cotton fabric options also rock from a design standpoint. I'm digging so hard on the Lucy style (totally check it out) that it's crazy. But then I'm a huge sucker for type in design.

The round beds come in two sizes: 30" diameter (shown - great for small & midsized dogs) and the 42" diameter (because big dogs - as we said in this month's featured article - need love too).

The stuffing in the bed isn't bad - it's soft and squishy. But if I had one thing to change about the bed, it would be this: more stuffing. Not so much that they roll off - being able to "sink in" is an important part of any dog bed. And while this definitely fits the sinkability test, I think the bed would rock even more with an extra inch or so of padding.

The entire kit and kaboodle is machine-washable pet bed; the cover zips off to wash separately, or you can throw the entire bed - nuts, bolts and all - into the washing machine on the gentle cycle and dry on a low setting. I heart washability. You have no idea how stinky a princess pug can get when I'm not monitoring her 24/7!

The real question though, as always, was this: what did Merry, princess pug and diva dog extraordinaire, think of this dog bed?

I think you can tell best from the last photo - she loved snuggling in it. In fact it was tough to get her out of the bed and ready to do her next modelling session! Sloth, thy name is pug. :)

The Lexie Lew beds are gorgeous, comfy, delish on the eys and paws, and a fabulous addition to your modern home. Seriously - check 'em out.

You can find out more about Lexie Lew from their web site at

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